Steven Beck Looks Comfortable

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 6.53.23 PMif those walls could talk.
take that how you will.
i really like this photo session with steven beck for foto119

it tells a very interesting story.
unlike the other models,
this one comes off very candid.
it’s like it was impromptu photo shoot.
i appreciate those.
are they friends?
i’m getting that impression.

lowkey: i wonder who foto119 will shoot next?
stay tuned.
i always wondered if the models are fully naked for these shoots?
some of them are so concerned with “their straightness”.
it’s crazy how foto119 can get them comfortable.

fotos taken: foto119

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “Steven Beck Looks Comfortable”

  1. They all want to be STARS and known by all, it is then that the fall will come because pride comes first, when everyone has had their turn with these insta models they do what so many have done before and strip, porn, escort. Time and looks are not people’s best friend so I say do you, and let others do themselves, God then family then others.

  2. He looks way better in these photos than he does in his own IG photos. He could make my walls…nvm lol.

    1. Yeah Foto119 is very good at editing his photos.. All the men in his pics look better than they do in their original IG pics

    2. He looks good in these pics, but those pics from that last photoshoot he did..are much better than these.
      He seems like he’d be very down to earth if you met him…but then again ya never know! LOL

  3. Like the Kardashians some of us tolerate him because he’s constantly shoved in our faces. I think these Instagram celebs owe blogs like Jamarifox and Tumblr, because lord knows it keeps them relevant. Like Hollywood Celebrities, these Instagram models play us like puppets because they know the blogs will give them free publicity. Just don’t get mad when he gets to where he wants and start throwing us under the bus like Tyson Kobie ,Flash Brown and Heat. I remember there was a time when the blogs and social media couldn’t get enough of Tyson Kobie. What did he end up doing after he had his way? He started throwing major shades and pursued his bodybuilding career. Straight porn star Flash Brown did a solo shoot with Dawgpound, As soon as he got popular he literally said fuck you all and don’t talk about me no more.

    1. ^i can consign that flash brown.
      he hit me up before he blew up and was really cool.
      i think he followed me and everything.
      soon as those checks started coming in,
      he showed his true colors.

      his ex girlfriend came on here years later and was laying all his shit out there.

      1. Oh yea Flash didn’t want nobody talking about him and let’s not start with Heat. We all know he use to dance at gay events and now he’s acting like he’s brand new. That’s why I respect British Model David McIntosh. Obviously he has gotten all this publicity from gay media,he even did a few events here and there. He’s someone you would say is not a huge star but …he’s a star in his own right.He is so solid and secure in his sexuality and personality that he has never gone out of his way to tell blogs to stop talking about him. He actually adore his fans.

    2. Tyson Kobie can’t EVA in his life look down on anybody when he’s been sucked up by old men that look like the crypt keeper and popped his ass on camera. He looks old in the face now anyway. I’m guessing steroids.

      I never saw it for Heat. Y’all just like him because he’s light skinned or Puerto Rican or whatever. Dude is cornier than a large bag of Fritos.

      1. Damn dont Tyson Kobie look old in the face, he looks like a different person, you are right too about him and Roids; Roids broke him down and sadly I have found out that most if not all of the fitness models and gym dudes are on juice, it is almost impossible to get the kind of results that they get naturally especially if they do not have big budgets for nutritionist, correct supplementation, and proper training. I no longer look at any of them as I once did. Clearly judging by some of his earlier pics, even Bro. Beck had a little help to achieve this new physique he sporting and it so obvious with Heat how bulky he has got and it doesnt look good IMO at all. Its a dirty little secret in gyms across America and these dudes who are preaching this work hard, go hard non-sense on Instagram do not tell the truth of how fast they achieved these results and it wasnt no damn Herbalife either. Not going to put his name on blast but its a model recently featured on here and who took some pics for Foto119 and they had to photoshop all the acne out of his pics, he has nice body but the heavy acne tells the real story of how he is able to achieve results that an everyday Joe will not get just working out and eating right. I use to think that I was just hitting the wall in my workouts when my muscle seemed to stop growing even when I ate right and put in that work in the gym and then a personal trainer friend hip me to the game. You still have to work hard to look as good as these dudes do but they are not telling the whole truth. Personally Steven B. is one of my fave attentionista’s and not exactly for his looks, he has an okay face, love his body but it is his personality that I like most of all. I dont know if he is faking it for the camera’s but he seems like a good dude at least from his interactions I see on IG and Snap.

      2. LMAO @ “ya’ll just like him because he’s light-skinned or Puerto Rican”
        That’s funny Jay. Blanket statement…but funny. He’s Dominican by the way.
        I liked him because he was a handsome dude with a nice physique. There was mystery to him.
        Then the homophobic comments started flowing after it was brought to light that he danced at gay clubs back in the day.
        Instead of owning up to it, he just made nasty comments. That was a big turn-off for me. Then there was as Jamari put it, those tired and whack ass pop n lock dance moves. Talk about corny. LOL
        The last straw came when he started releasing all these jerk off and dick pics. At first it was intriguing…but got old REAL quick.
        He took away the mystery and is now nothing more than a bonafide internet hoe.

    1. you can’t be GAY FOR PAY when you are GAY from jump notice this so called daughter he has has disappeared

      1. Lol he parades his daughter on his gram.. She looks just like him so if that isn’t his then it’s definitely a relative

  4. @Tajan: I know EXACTLY who you’re talking about and I’ve seen him in person and he has a nice body but foto119 worked a damn miracle on his ass!

    I didn’t believe how prevalent steroids were until I paid for a meal plan with a physique competitor and he asked me if I was willing to take “supplements”. They cycle steroid that will lean you out and bulk you up and just pair it with bland, clean eating. Those steroid have these dudes balding with acne and it makes you bones stiff too. The roids aren’t expensive at all like they used to be so anyone can get them.

    My mind was blown. 90% of these Instagram dudes are fake. Do not be fooled by the meal prep pics lol

    1. @Tajan: I just looked at his Instagram and dude is balding really bad too! Too obvious he’s doing roids. You gotta watch these dudes that decide to shave their head all of a sudden or ALWAYS wear fitted or have their head wraps.

  5. Oh wow. James Goefit just decided to go bald last week!
    That explains a lot.
    His body is crazy big for a “vegan”.

    1. I follow James on IG and I was even taken aback with the new look and I had to give the side eye to all the muscle growth on a Vegan Diet. GTFOH with those fairy-tales Bro, it aint gone happen, he looks good but he done had a little outside help and it wasn’t broccoli and spinach that did it either. Granted he is a big dude naturally but he aint put on that amount of muscle eating beans.

      1. @Tajan…I understand. Thank you for clarifying your remark.
        It’s interesting that you say that because I was looking at some pics on Omarion Ryan’s IG and noticed in a few pics that he has the acne on his back, arms, and chest. I immediately thought steroids because they say that is a side effect of them.

      1. @Christian, Bro I didnt mean to lump them like that, because a lot of these dudes may use just a couple of cycles to achieve a particular goal and stop and it is possible to achieve a great body with right food, supplements and hard work but when you start putting on a lot of muscle in a short time, its not humanly possible without help. I am not sure about Brotha Chris but I would not be surprised with anyone and what they will do to achieve a certain look. It was a Vegan on Youtube who actually hip me to all the steroid use among bodybuilders and fitness people, and further research has been eye opening and shocking. I dont knock them but it is a little disingenuous to market all these supplements and meals plans making people think they are going to be able to look like their favorite model when in reality they are marketing a fantasy.

  6. @Tajan…I understand. Thank you for clarifying your remark.
    It’s interesting that you say that because I was looking at some pics on Omarion Ryan’s IG and noticed in a few pics that he has the acne on his back, arms, and chest. I immediately thought steroids because they say that is a side effect of them.

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