Stacy Francis Thinks Rihanna Owes Chris Brown An Apology

in random “attentionista” news…
since chris brown’s documentary hit netflix,
everyone has an opinion now.
i had one last night and an x factor alum,
by the name of stacy francis,
had one as well.
this is what she said according to “the jasmine brand”

and then followed it up with this tweet:

“we knew the truth”?
was she in the backseat?
outside on the sidewalk?
in the dashboard?
what “truth” does she really know?
we all don’t know the truth besides hearing both sides.

before i start tho…
i found it absolutely sickening how much bet coddled chris.
it was disgusting.
it seemed they took his side automatically.
in the documentary,
bob even admitted they gave him a nice “comeback” performance.
the one where he cried while singing “man in the mirror” by mj.

they were shading rihanna heavy after that.
even black magazines don’t really show her love.
it was bad enough that around that time,
rihanna was being thrown under the bus by civilians.
everyone had a story of why she was wrong,
even after her assault pictures were released.
it was “she provoked him” or some nonsense.
this was chris alleged “assault” picture from that night tho:

oh yeah,
she fucked him up real good.
i like to think everyone who chose his side got their karma.
he sure proved he was an upstanding law abiding citizen.

now let’s get back to stacy…
i like to think that time reveals all truths.
chris brown’s “truth” has been revealed time and time again.
every single time,
someone got alleged assaulted.
stacy claims she is waiting on rihanna to apologize.
has chris publicly apologized to:

gma for their window?
his mama for the alleged rock through the car window?

frank ocean for the fight about an alleged parking spot?
drake for the alleged bottle throwing?
“greenhouse” because of the alleged bottle throwing?
the male he allegedly beat up because he didn’t like “gay shit”?

karrueche for all that alleged shit he put her through?

i’m sure there is more,
but i don’t have the time.

chris has always taken the role of “victim”.
every incident,
he has been coddled because he was “provoked”.
team breezy seems to have woken up.
now before i go,
i gotta ask:

has rihanna had any other incidents of domestic violence?
has any other male had incidents of her fighting them?

…i’ll wait.
you might want chris dick in your throat,
but there is another way of going about it.

a dm would have been much more appropriate.

lowkey: talmbout she was at “someone house when it happened”.
what that gotta do with shit?
i was at my crib when i got the call.
the fuck?

people love going after rihanna.
it baffles me.

article: the jasmine brand

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Stacy Francis Thinks Rihanna Owes Chris Brown An Apology”

  1. She looks like a fool and reeks of last months Cougar. Hop off of CB’s #2 pencil dik you bumbling baboon. He has shown many times that he is unstable…He has Netflix, Rhianna has Fenty & Plenty…more where that came from. Didnt nobody ask you where you were? You sound like a late night Infomercial on Channel 9…”I was at the home of a very famous entertainment attorney…” Famous where? Keep singing Heather Headly…”In My Mind…” …News flash: Willy Wonka isn’t the rage this generation…find a new attorney and some better click bait Methuselah…

    Your Netflix and Chill Fantasy with Chris Brown is over… Remember..he’s the one that said, “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal.”

    1. ^that song was funny to me because didn’t chris allegedly trash everyone name?
      all the incidents with his two exes,
      he made them out to be problematic.

      he isn’t as loyal either…

  2. OMG I’m gonna cry! Jamari everything you said in this article is exactly what I’ve been exercising to everyone since it happened until this day. Not to mention this is a horrible attempt by him to salvage that struggling career. Chris never once came out and said she hit him. And with all the talking he does c’mon now he would have been let us in on this tidbit and like you said with so many ppl taking HIS side when it all went down you think he would have gave them the power to say “I knew it” a long time ago but nooooo his career is struggling and suddenly he wants to make it look like he’s not necessarily bad he’s just bad when what? He’s provoked? These ppl are silly. When he thre that brick through his momma car and beat rice cakes I was toooo through!! Poor Rih she caught so much flack for the incident as you stated and like a phoenix she r frm thoe ashes and reclaimed her name like Tina Turner and prospered

    1. ^people have this habit of taking the male’s side.
      even with the alleged R. Kelly scandal,
      they blamed that little girl.

      “she was too grown.”

      i was always defending rihanna when everyone was blaming her for the incident.
      i also thought Chris was talented,
      as well as good looking.
      at one point,
      i thought he was remorseful.
      like others,
      i wanted to see him win,
      but off the strength of learning a huge lesson.
      his nonsense became too much,
      his bad decisions got worse,
      and no sex/good looks can erase all that he has done/did.
      the documentary was sad because of who he is now.

      im so glad that rihanna was able to rise above it all.

      1. Preach it brother!!!! I whole heartedly agree with all of this. I was crushing on him hard as well but like you said it’s impossible to ignore all that he’s done. And yes black ppl especially love to take a black man’s side when he’s wrong. I get it. A black man gets a lot of flack us as gay black men know this more than anyone but at what point do we rise above and check our moral compass. They did this with OJ as well. Idc what anyone says he murdered his wife. I don’t care for snow bunnies much either but karma doesnt lie. Hell look at Bobby brown as well reeling what he sowed (career wise). Chile Issa mess these people I tell ya.

  3. Who can take Stacey Francis seriously? She was the woman that got into it with Whitney Houston right before she died. And the same woman that had an affair AND got pregnant by her preacher while she was married. She’s the same woman that joined Scientology to get closer to celebs to help her singing career. She needs to have a seat! If she wants Chris brown so bad she should have the “famous entertainment attorney” she claim to know call him up!

  4. She can have CB…I know one thang, she ain’t gonna have to worry about wearing black shades anymore when she get a special pair from Chris by his company called Fist Incorporated….

  5. Jamari, I love this site but you’re letting your opinions of people get in the way of what’s right and wrong. I know you Stan hard for Rihanna, but that’s no excuse for her behavior. People took Chris’ side after the media tried to publicly hang him. It wasn’t to coddle him but to make things fair. Rihanna’s career SKYROCKETED after that incident. Nobody gave two shits about her until they wanted to hear how she got beaten by Chris brown in her latest album. Rihanna had already built a reputation of being a real crazy bitch in the industry but now she had a “reason”… an angry black woman scorned smh… Ne-yo said in an interview Rihanna was angry when he wouldn’t write any songs for her about chris. They both were in the wrong for fighting. It’s sad to watch someone bear their cross in the spotlight.

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