so who is throwing jocelyn savage a baby shower for r. kelly?!

i’m trying to give this sad she-jackal and fiance of r. kelly,
jocelyn savage,
some kind of grace but she makes it hard.
she was young when she got wrapped up but i’m sorry…

This young idiot gal needs to get her shit together.

she is committed to being a parakeet and its so sad to witness.
any other vixen would run once her hyena was accused of the heinous.
nope because she is allegedly pregnant

2 thoughts on “so who is throwing jocelyn savage a baby shower for r. kelly?!

  1. Jamari I read “young idiot gal” in the same way Azaelia Banks called Charlemagne “original bleaching gyal”.

    Aside from this, victims of abuse don’t realize it. I saw someone say Nicki Minaj display the symptoms and….she supported Tekashi 69….her brother……her husband apparently dated her when she was a teen…..child.

  2. Joycelyn
    Is very pretty. The question I would ask her is
    ” How or why throw away your life away on a pseudo celebrity has-been who may not ever get out of jail”? And why have raw sex with a vulgar, disgusting human being who forced Azriel and other’s to do things with feces? Did he make you wipe his ass, drink urine,?
    Are you that needy? And are stupid enough to ever believe you will get child support? And lastly, have you any self respect left?

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