donald trump is the (alleged) spy who continues to shag america?

i’ve been hearing people missing trump as president.
people who didn’t support him before suddenly miss him.
they think things would be better than how they are with biden.
even though i think biden isn’t great,
i guess i’m the only one who remembers the dark days of trump’s reign.
i find these new switch-ups interesting because i have to wonder

The FBI seized 11 boxes of sensitive and “top secret” documents when they decided to storm former President Donald Trump’s oceanside estate on Monday, according to The Wall Street Journaland Fox News.

Reporters at the newspaper and TV network, which are both owned by News Corp., said they reviewed the seven-page warrant and a property receipt, which listed what federal agents grabbed when they searched the former president’s mansion at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.

Trump immediately countered that the documents were, from his point of view, no longer restricted.

“Number one, it was all declassified. Number two, they didn’t need to ‘seize’ anything. They would have had it anytime they wanted without playing politics and breaking into Mar-a-Lago. It was in a secured storage, with an additional lock put on as per their request,” Trump’s account posted on his own social media network, Truth Social.

After all of these new developments,
do people still think he is a good person?

i’m curious so please advise.

lowkey: i guess they turned their attention from her emails,

article: the daily beast

11 thoughts on “donald trump is the (alleged) spy who continues to shag america?

  1. Who is stanning for this man DJT? He was a horrible, incompetent, endlessly lying, racist, sexist, treasonous president. Just remember when he left office:
    1) he only left after a FAILED, attempted fascist coup.
    2) he crashed the US economy, taking out millions of jobs.
    3) he showed complete incompetence when it came to the Covid-19 pandemic, repeatedly lying about it, even though he secretly said on tape that it was going to be terrible, then pushed fake cures, urged people to use bleach and horse tranquilizer, kept lying, nearly died himself from it, and then tried to take full credit for the vaccines, which he couldn’t figure out how to distribute.
    4) he blew up the US’s international relationships and failed in his attempts to stop North Korea from nuclear weapons, destroyed the Iran nuclear deal, tried to punish China but failed, set up the terms for the failed exit for Afghanistan, and cozied up to Saudi Arabia.
    5) he was caught trying to collude with Russia to win in 2016, obstructed justice to prevent a full investigation, then was impeached, then withheld Congressionally mandated military support to Ukraine and lied about, and got impeached a second time!
    6) he was basically a Russian agent in the White House, and left the US government a shell of itself, with rampant corruption in a number of agencies.
    7) he did almost nothing for regular Americans that was not already prepped for him when Obama left office with an economy on the upswing; Trump’s recession left millions of Black and brown Americans worse off than when he took office.
    8) he committed numerous crimes, including, as we are now learning, hoarding classified documents, which was already a crime but he increased the penalties for it, after the Republicans voted to do this, in order I guess to hurt Hillary Clinton, but karma is a MF and it has come back to bite him in his lazy, trifling, hateful @ss!

  2. Surprised? Nope all yt ppl especially the ones here in this land they stole and named America are liars, thieves, cold blooded killers. This is a comedy show to me thieves vs thieves and btw he didn’t trick the ppl that voted for him they are in complete agreement with his behavior.

  3. Trump has always been trash. It’s the morons who voted for him and continue to support him despite his obvious incompetence and contempt for democracy.

    Special shout out to the Black Trump supporters who thought they were doing something by voting for or engaging with an obvious and unabashed racist. Ls, Ls and more Ls.

    1. The Black supporter who got arrested during the insurrection got the longest sentence.

      What a goofball.

      These Christian Walkers will get their wakeup call.

  4. Trump is a Sad, Horrible, Deceitful, Narcissistic Racist!! Look at his history from him and his father prohibiting Black people from his property to his assault on the “Central Park Black youth to questioning Obama’s Citizenship ( should I bring out more receipts?). He is not loyal to this country, and I have always questioned his Russian affiliations. Isn’t it odd that 3 of his 4 wives are foreign born. Americans who support him ,Black, White , Latino ,Asian etc., Lil Wayne, Ice Cube ,Clint Eastwood are Dumb and only like him because they feel they know him( Trump Brand ).

    1. I have said the same thing about the wives coming from Eastern Europe where the countries were Communist occupied. The wives had no sympathy for American ideals, customs or freedoms. The wanted to enjoy and benefit from this country, but each of the two out of three wives were accustomed to living under Soviet rule. The collapse of Democracy wouldn’t have fazed either of them.
      Also, those Trump children speak Russian. He is a handful. Putin accomplished his greatest feat- using Trump to destabilize this nation. It’s genius if you look closely. A complete idiot and 70 million low intellect White and Black misogynistic, racist idiots and stale breath assed politicians helping him pull it off.

  5. Trump is a horrible, self serving, egotistical fool who thinks he’s smarter then everyone else. Don’t believe the bullshit hype he was not a good President. He would watch this country crumble & fall like dominos with his rascist, fascist doctrine.

    1. ^ this is what confuses me about this trump stanning.

      i have to try to remember biden is cleaning up trump mess along with the pandemic mess.
      everything is a mess.

      1. PT Barnum said a sucker is born every minute. Seventy million suckers who voted for him adds up to how many minutes, how many hours?
        If the press, with the exception of Fox would quit printing, speaking, discussing, pontificating on this dreg of waste water, then he would go away.

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