So They Are Basically Showing Us How They Fuck Each Other?

remember him:




his name is j smoov.
i remember when he released his videos back during myspace.
everyone else then decided to release their inner stripper freakiness.
i hear j smoov got a couple kids with personal late night un-recorded sessions.
well a new couple has decided to start the craze back…

lol at the slo-mo playbacks.

who wants to guess they fucked after this little dance off?
who wants to bet their friend’s watched?

this seems less artistic and more:

“we’re single.
we fuck good.
we fuck each other.
we want to fuck you.
call us today!”

lowkey: does anyone really fuck like that?
when you trying to bust that nut,
i don’t know if you doing all those stunts.
i do like a good slow grind and slow mo throwing yo back in it.
you know…
between those hard thrust breaks.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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