so i can’t sit in an uber without hearing how much i’m a n*gger?

so when i get an uber,
the drivers usually love to talk to me.
you know i love talking to people.
i try not to be “one of those types”:

“oh my God!
i’m don’t talk to people darling!
i’m too important darling!”

…and that’s usually from males.

so a foxholer sent me a story about someone’s recent trip in an uber.
it ended up with the uber driver losing his job.
this is the story from “raw story”

Javon O’Neal was on his way to work Thursday morning when his Uber driver began calling him the N-word.

O’Neal, a Tallahassee, Florida resident said the Uber driver started talking about race and politics. The conversation went south once the Uber driver told him “you’re living in a White man’s world.”

O’Neal began to record the conversation on his phone and uploaded the video to social media. The driver started using the N-Word multiple times.

In a statement to Uber, O’Neal said, “This ride made me feel very uncomfortable, emotionally and exhausted, and not comfortable with getting another Uber.”

An Uber representative said that once they heard about the situation, they immediately removed the driver’s access from using the app.

“As soon as we were made aware of this, we removed the driver’s access from the app,” the representative said.

they need to release that driving jackal’s name.
he shouldn’t be able go over to “lyft” to spew more hatred.
you know what really annoys me?
blatant stupidity.
we can all do stupid shit,
but when you’re just a moron in these forests….

do people realize a phone camera + social media is a powerful tool?
it takes about 2 seconds to get on live and you’re on candid camera.
what’s worse is black folks can’t go anywhere without a lecture.
please stop talking.
i think folks need to stop imposing their political views on everyone.
why is this even okay?
we get it.
you voted for trump,
off the strength of not liking black folks,
and you want to shout it from the mountain tops.
now when your tail gets fired,
for being way beyond a fuckin’ moron,
don’t act shocked nor surprised.
i really need some of these folks to get it together.

lowkey: black folks,
like gay folks,
are here to stay and jackals need to learn to really deal.
it’s getting pathetic now.

article cc: raw story

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “so i can’t sit in an uber without hearing how much i’m a n*gger?”

  1. Looks like Uber is becoming the way to get around. That’s good. Less toxic exhaust destroying the atmosphere.

    I’ve heard Lyft is a better choice from some as they say they are more focused on customer service compared to Uber.

  2. I forgot which one it is but there’s an option to have your driver not talk to you when you’re picked up. That would be me the next time I ever used one of these.

  3. Jamari, please don’t use the term “people of color”. its use dilutes the uniqueness of African Americans, the descendants of Africans enslaved and brought to America (the USA), It was not people of color who when through 250 years of slavery. It was African Americans!. It was not people of color who endured 100 years of Jim Crow. It was African Americans!. It was not people of color who came to America as an enslaving experience. It was only African Americans! Every other group immigrated to the USA. Nigerian Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, Irish Americans–but not African Americans. We did not immigrate to America. We were imported to America–as cargo. And African Americans are the ONLY non-immigrant group in America. It was not people of color who where stipped of their histories, cultures, languages, names and traditions and subjected to rape, murder, castration, lynching, etc for 250 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow. It was African Americans! And on and on..

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