Should I Know Who Tomi Lahren Is?


charlamange is trying to ( x make her happen ).
trevor noah looked ( x annoyed with her existence )…
until he was allegedly ( x caught on a date with her ).
who is this bland snow bunny by the name of tomi lahren?
i don’t know her and judging from all the talk,
she seems like a racist and delusional.

Why are these black wolves so interested in her then?

i bet it begins with “p” and ends with “y”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Should I Know Who Tomi Lahren Is?”

  1. I’ll never understand Blck ppl infatuation with entertaining these uneducated devils who revel in a pool of ignorance. Trevor wasn’t annoyed with her – or he would have never given her an even larger audience to project this bs… think about. I’m sure his dick was hard while interviewing her because he was on an ego trip from the get go.

  2. No you shouldn’t, i feel like a do and i wasted a part of my brain that could have been useful. I don’t think trevor noah has a thing for her, i think he’s just… so soft. He didn’t want to embarrass her on his show, it would have been to easy, but no matter how hard he tried to keep her on track the girl is just plain dumb. I don’t think she’s racist, she does say racist shit alot, but i mean i don’t think she doesn that to be racist, she’s just stupid. But it’s important that the world see how stupid those people are, by ignoring them, they find their way to the mass and because nobody takes time to call out their bs.. well USA has Trump as president. Trevor was the black girl who is trying to solve an argument in public, she has to keep her cool no matter how annoyed she really is just so they would not call her “the typical angry black woman”. If he went ballistic on her it would have been “the african man attack the poor white girl”. I think he did great, he let her hang herself.

  3. This is just a tired one trick pony who appeals to basic low brow racist White Males in Trumpland. She is dumb and her appeal is the blonde right wing bimbo who is tired of all the minorities wining about racism and how bad it is, she thinks that we should all be grateful to be able to live in the good ole USA. She screams and yells and says that she is not mainstream but she really is, just Ann Coulter lite for those who follow politics. She seems like the type that hates Black people especially Sisters but when nobody is looking will suck a black dick through a straw, and sadly so many Black men think that this bleached blonde cheap slut is the ideal white woman and will just look at her physical attributes without examining her hateful rhetoric. She went in on Colin Kapernick for kneeling during the anthem. Black Twitter has roasted her dumb ass on many occasions. Trevor showed how dumb she is outside of her right wing bubble. No comment on Charlamange The Coon.

    1. ^i don’t understand why charlamange gonna say he wants to get into her head.
      and then he say he gonna ask her if she ever had black dick before.

      he disses blacks,
      but this obvious racist gets a red carpet.
      our people can be very backwards.

    2. Shes not a dumb bimbo.. shes hot white queen and america is lucky to have a woman like tomi. Her womb is only for white men not black apes. Worship the ground she walks on u stupid cunt

  4. but who the fuck is she and why does anybody care that a nobody is a racist? Is she in entertainment? fashion? or some random white girl?

    Nobodies don’t matter, neither do their opinions nor views. (Not directed at you Jamari, I saw that name on my youtube but didn’t bother to watch because who the fuck cares,LOL) I’m not falling for it

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