Roy Jones JR, His Nudes, and A Crazy Bish Named “Stay Lo”


don’t we love when baller wolves are sloppy foxhole?

and NOT in the good way.
i know i do.
i love a little sloppy toppy to write about it.
so lets talk about roy jones jr and the messiness that is his love life.
roy was having a relationship with a boxer/trainer named stacy.
“stay lo” is that they call her.
well for whatever reason,
roy cut her off and you know what happened next.
receipts and dick pics a coming.
lets get into it…

so this is stay lo:

screenshot_08if you step back a little.
tilt your head,
and squint your eyes…
she kinda looks like j.lo.
maybe i need glasses?
anyway here are all the receipts she provided for instagram:

“ok well damn” is right at that sext convo.
i’m open too.
oooooh wait!
did i mention that roy is also married?
married WITH kids.

30w4h93couldn’t forget that part.
now lets get into the nudes lo also provided for us.
baller alert loaded em up:

…and jamari fox is about to return the favor.
stay lo even uploaded a jack off video for further evidence:


so that is the little fucker she gon’ crazy over?
i think his pipe was the most disappointing thing of this entire story.
tumblr_m2isc1XUsV1rswwpao1_500he must have ate the box like a champ.
get it?
*boom boom chinnnnnggggg*
thank you.
thank you.

lowkey: as a business owner,
this isn’t really the move.
she should have hired a dummy to get their hands dirty and do this.
alas this is a new era of ratchet so…
roy shoulda gave her some “see ya when i see ya” money.
maybe send some clientele to her business.
she cuban tho.
you know how they get.
my thing is she all “ew” on instagram,
but she wasn’t “ew” when her legs was in the air,
getting that little dick up in her.

don’t “ew” and make fun of him now.
no one likes the “cray cray bitter betty”.

all the receipts taken from: baller alert
dick pics | jack off vids: instagram
visit stay lo on her website: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Roy Jones JR, His Nudes, and A Crazy Bish Named “Stay Lo””

  1. The circle of ratchet continues I see.

    Yes, that is disappointing but you never know, he may know how to work with what he’s got.

    That bish Stay-lo ain’t cute neither. She look like J-Lo going through hormone therapy.

    1. ^shouldn’t we throw stones at these chicks as well?
      she isn’t the victim as she is coming off.
      a quick google search could have given her his low down.

  2. The big dummy. jamari, these dummies come out of the wood-work with their babys’ mommas, jump-offs, etc. These idiots send dick pics, body pics, write many text messages and emails (evidence mail), buy tickets, etc. Who’s next?

    And this one is ugly. Well, “It’s not the face you fuck. It’s the fuck you face.” This one must have had loose hips or tight lips!

  3. I don’t know what is wrong with some of y’all, but it looks big enough for me. Roy looks like he got medium-thick 6-7 inches, which is big enough for me. Plus for someone who is in his mid-40s, he is in pretty good shape. I think we’ve all been led to believe (by Tumblr), that every nigga is packin a 9.5 inch thick pipe in his pants. The best sex I’ve ever had was with a wolf with 6 inches. Jamari, u should do a post about how much (pipe) a wolf needs.

    1. Most of these bottoms can barely take a good 8in.

      I’m weary of bottoms that only want 9in and above. #nowallsatall

  4. This is a hot crispy pork rind mess. He posted a vid of her whacking her meat curtains in retaliation. *wamphorn*

  5. I used to have the biggest crush on this dude back in the day. Call me crazy, but he still looks good AF to me, just a little more seasoned but still sexy. Any athletic dude can move to front of the line in my book, even older athletes who take care of themselves like Michael Irvin, Willie Gault, and Hershel Walker; all these dudes are about 50 or over but still look great. As I get a little older, Im not so quick to throw a older dude out, many Black men hold their sexy until their in their 60’s. I have seen many who may be a little gray at the gym but still have great bodies unlike their counterparts of other races who make you want to run out the gym with their creepy stares and horrid bodies. Roy is a boxer he has endurance and probably beat that thing up with that vixen.

    1. Tajan is right. I’m a black man who just hit 50 and I still get compliments on my body and looks. You have to keep it tight. Many black men stay great looking as they age and I have to give Roy Jones something — he is looking good. His penis is a good size too, not everybody has to be hung like King Kong. This obsession in the gay culture with penis size is something else. Mainly it’s from bottoms, many of whom have holes so worn out and stretched that a big dick is the only thing that can make them feel alive.

  6. I’m assuming you all must be focused on ‘size versus quality’ lol because isn’t that the average/normal size of a penis 6-7 inches?…and not to mention his body and that chest…smfh he can GET IT ANYDAY…I’m with Rashad on this one i’m a bttm and i’ve had two instances where i was with a guy with a very big penis like 8 to 9 inches, and it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the best either however my best lover also was a guy with about 7 inches and 4 inches thick..he knew how to do a nice stroke he was more into it and more attentive to me getting off…men with big dicks tend to be lazy fucks they think because their dick is big they’re automatically good in bed, and some guys who are really big it’s hard for them to maintain an erection, my friend says he’s about 11 inches and it’s hard for him to get hard and he says when he gets hard people get intimidated by the length and width that it becomes hard for him to get laid…i’ve only had one guy who was well endowed who hit it real good. he hit it so good i came without touching myself he was hitting my prostrate and making me go crazy…but i had a crush on roy jones back in the day so seeing him now with his body still intact and he’s aged a little bit it brought my childhood fantasies right back….that jerk off video turned me on..excuse me while i go watch it again lol

  7. Why is it that many black people are obsessed with the size of a mans genitals? WTF? Its sad that we as a people can never prop a person up just for being and looking the way they are.

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