Romeo Gets Kraze-y Sexy This Summer

I must be the only one in the Foxhole that would wear Romeo out all night long…

Found at: Necole Bitchie

I mean put that good Foxtail on him until he was in a coma…!
But peep the bottom of the magazine headline:

How To Get The Sex You Want

Well Romeo,
I know a few Foxes who want to get it.


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9 thoughts on “Romeo Gets Kraze-y Sexy This Summer”

  1. He looks great. I actually stole ab tips from his twitter feed. Imagine that. My old ass getting workout tips from Lil Romeo…But for the fact that hell always be lil romeo to me I might actually find him alluring, but alas…No…He can keep posing provocatively tho, I don’t mind peeking…

    1. What tips did he give you, Shea? I’m back in the gym and could use all the help I can get. lol

      1. Hi Sam. He didn’t give the tips to me personally, he posted them on twitter. The one I started using was the ab roller. That’s not the term that’s used for it but that’s what I call it. When you’re on ur knees, hands on a rolling wheel that has handles on both sides, and you extend fwd, then pull backward…Instead of doing crunches at the gym I’m using a roller at home. Instead of crunching my abs I’m extending my abs. It’s working wonders on my core. Could be cuzz I’ve introduced a new wrkout to my routine, or it could be cuzz they are truly better than crunches. I’d link you to his workout diary, but I can’t from my phone. You may be able to google it…

  2. That cover pic is hot! He actually looks like a grown man, versus a boy w/a man’s body…which is why he’s only barely legal eye candy to me

  3. He does look more mature in top pic. He is really blossoming into quite the wolf mmmmm

  4. Not a Romeo fan, but the cover pic is great. He’s still not my cup o’tea but he is maturing nicely.

  5. LOL! I could still remember his first single….he was a fantasy from then…..ooohhh o_O

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