Raz-B Is About To Go On A MAJOR OUTING SPREE With a Tell All…!

please bless Raz-B as he is about to ignite the fires from hell on his ass…

R&b singer DeMario “Raz-B” Thornton from the early ‘00’s boyband B2k is set to release his memoirs in late fall. Entitled This Boy’s Life and published through Corona Sky Production, Thornton plans to discuss in detail the molestation he alleges he suffered from the hands of manager and Cousin Chris Stokes.

In 2007, Thornton made claims that he was molested by Stokes circa 2000-2004 and even uploaded video on YouTube where Stokes is recorded admitting to the molestation. After receiving cash payment of $10,000, Raz-B went on video and refuted his initial claim.

In 2011, during the Eddie Long case, Raz-B returned with his claims but this time went into even more graphic detail about the abuse he received. At that time, according to his soon to be released book, World Star Hip Hop paid him $3,000 per video he released. Each video had some “revelation” or secret about B2k and alleged molestation. Raz went on to claim IMX (formerly known as Immature) front man Marques Houston also molested him.

In Raz upcoming book he makes more allegation of forced orgies between he and the other members of B2k. Raz also alleges fellow Hip Hop act Bow Wow was also involved in sexual relationships with members of the band.

This Boys Life is available for reserve on the Corona Sky Productions website. Raz is currently in China working on his comeback album and performing on a small tour.

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Didn’t O-Cakes just sign with MMG too?
Is that about to get revoked?
Is Raz-B about to stay in China forever?
Is he training to be a ninja, just in case?

…. and it begins.
It looks like it is going to be a WILD summer.

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15 thoughts on “Raz-B Is About To Go On A MAJOR OUTING SPREE With a Tell All…!”

  1. Whatever happened to handling this shit behind closed doors, or in court?! Tell-All/Tattle books are just a bunch of hype. If you can’t back it up in court, don’t assume a book is going to keep your ass safe from the folks you shit on…

  2. The memoir is a bad move, and I also feel that the whole coming out situation was a bad move to begin with. If I were him, I would until I signed to another label before I started putting everything out there like that. His career in the entertainment industry is dead at this point. My heart goes out to him because he’s scarred for life because of this. When I watch his videos on youtube, I just feel so bad for him. It’s quite obvious that he has some sexual preference issues also. If he didn’t, I don’t belive this subject would still be relevant. Ever since the story broke in ”07” I’ve believed every word he said. Since he is the only one making these claims out of the group, it’s hard for people to believe him. This is why I don’t have respect for the other 3 members of B2K, they’re lying their asses off, but I know they are protecting their careers at the same time. People should believe that something happened because this nigga would not be ranting for the past 5 years for nothing.

  3. I believe wholeheartedly that he was molested as well as the rest of group. The only people who don’t believe what he’s saying are people who don’t know anything about the industry. His story is absolutely believable when you know half of the shit that happens behind closed doors in music.

    He doesn’t gain anything by coming out and admitting this. It doesn’t help his career. He doesn’t have a real reason to lie.

    1. Yeah I agree 100%. It makes me sad to see how people judge him so harshly, and want to call him crazy or a stunt kween without really considering how this effected him. But that is how rape culture goes, always figuring ways to blame the victim without putting in every thing you can to help them.

  4. There is a huge difference between watching a free video and buying a book. What I want to know is what is his main objective for pressing this so hard? Besides the chump change that he will receive, why have the book published? Personally, I’m not buying it.

    If he was truly molested, and it is not my position to judge, I truly feel bad for him, and the others if they were as well. These allegations are more prevalent than his career. He cannot make a comeback while releasing this book simultaneously. His Management/PR team may want to reconsider.

  5. Something is seriously wrong with him; not that I don’t believe what hes saying – it’s just that there is also (what appears to be) a need for attention – even moreso than money. Maybe he wants that fame level back…who knows. Although finding out that any of those dudes got down would be anti-climactic at this point.

    I think the brother needs some therapy.

  6. My question is, “what does he want to come out of this’? It seems that he is using the alleged molestation as a means to get 15 more minutes. If he was paid by TMZ or WSHH to share, then basically he is whoring himself out for an event that is kind of tragic. I could respect him more if he started an organization to fight this or became some organization’s spokesperson, but this seems kind of thirsty. You can only pull the molestation card ONCE….then it’s over. If he has not found a satisfactory resolution at this point in life (26), he probably is never going to be satisfied. My suggestion is get some counseling, love yourself and move on because the way that you (Raz-B) have gone about it, makes you look worse in the end. Just My opinion

  7. This man is not lying! He’s definitely going about it the wrong way, but he isn’t lying. He’s wrong for outing the others, and they’re wrong for leaving him out here to look crazy by hisself. They should all come together to put Chris ass in jail! O was wrong as hell for leaving his boys hanging knowing Chris played them. Maybe he ain’t coming forward because he didn’t have a problem with what was being done.

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