Ray J Had Some Things To Say About Whitney Houston (Eek!)

tumblr_lumm5qfm231qb9pa3o1_500well he had a lot to say about kim k!
am i the only one who thought he was sexy in that tape?

so apparently someone released an old interview with ray j.
he was talking about his relations with kim k and the great whitney houston.
well he had a lot to say about the late singer.
like how he used her for fame and wasn’t really feeling her.
take a listen…


tumblr_static_aboy0nno3egw0g408w8ocswk8_640_v2he was acting real distraught at her funeral.
he was the one who made me cry when he touched her casket!
ya know fame is funny.
everyone wants to be the “star”,
but don’t realize what really comes with it.
no one cares about you the person.
the bigger you get,
the faker people become.
they only care about what you have and what you can do for them.
shit they will fuck you like they love you.
it can be a very lonely life.

as for what ray j said,
all i can do is smh.
whitney knew what she was getting into.
this wolf had a sex tape and a show with hungry hoes trying to fuck him.
he wasn’t exactly a pastor.
so if ray j saw an opening,
as trife as his boldness may come off,
can we exactly blame him?
i hope he realizes he is now the “star” to some thot with a plan as well.
anyway there is a huge life lesson in this story tho.
dwell on it and you’ll find it.

lowkey: im more shocked he said:

“she’s clean…
if i want her to be”


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Ray J Had Some Things To Say About Whitney Houston (Eek!)”

  1. This is an example where some ppl should seen, funk ppl but never be allowed to speak ever. Talking about Whitney now to me is dated. She is not here anymore . The Kim thing is old S well but he help put her on so that’s different but still old nonetheless.

  2. Ray J was with her that whole week that she died. Now of course she was a grown woman but she must of had self esteem issues to let Bobby and Ray J use her but I think this interview is not going to be good for him. The Whitney stans posted this interview a couple days ago and their pissed. They believe he was with her the day she died.

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