Pull Up Next To My Bumper Baby


“what you doing?”


“i’m gonna pick you up later…”

thank god for that text.
it was damn near 1000 degrees outside.
the thought of taking all those trains,
and transfers that came with it,
felt like hell.
i still had to walk a few blocks home so i was happy for the ride…

work wolf pulled up to my job in his new whip.
it was absolutely gorgeous.
he drives an all black 2015 honda accord coupe.

leather seats
20″ rims
super black tints
navigation system

he did well for himself.
he was so happy to see me as i was happy to see him.
we got stuck in traffic,
but it gave us time to talk.
i made sure to make no mention of his new vixen.

too soon.

tumblr_nykupyHXA61rrlcp5o1_250so we kept it on work and other things.
he had a few patches in his hair.
he wants to try some “at home” laser treatment.
hell my hair grew due to castor oil.
he told me he is really stressed out now.
he is trying to find a new job because he needs more pay.
i told him he needs to start looking towards a career.
something where he won’t be chained to a desk.
he agreed.

i got home a little while ago.
we stopped and got food.
i don’t think i want him like i use to anymore.
when i start “looking”,
i want someone to make me happy.
i think that’s my biggest chase these days.

my happiness

i just don’t know when i will find it.


Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “Pull Up Next To My Bumper Baby”

  1. That’s cool. At least you have a boundary of you guys relationship now. No expectations. Good for you J! And don’t worry Mr Right will come.

  2. yes gawd for chasing your happiness! i have an eerily similar situation and i’m right with you on this one! feels a little weird when you realize that shift has happen. but the funny thing is THAT’s when they come sniffin’ around again smdh

    1. ^yup!
      he looked more attractive then he did when we last saw each other,
      and then him and that car was at 100,
      but I realized it will never be.
      so im content in being a friend.

    1. ^which is why i may see fine wolves,
      but im not as sad im not with one.
      ive been legit looking for my own happiness.
      reading things and putting myself out there from being so self conscious.

  3. If he’s starting to get patchy areas, he might as well just start sporting the bald look. I mean why fight it?!
    Does it look bad?

  4. I urge you to adjust your search to finding someone you will be happy with, rather than someone who will make you happy. That’s too much pressure to put on another soul. What happens with your criteria for happiness changes?

    Once you take ownership of your happiness, you will free others to share their happiness with you, and increase the experience. When your source of happiness is internal, and self-generated, this becomes what you project; thus attract. “happy People” – Frankie Beverly & Maze….IJS

    Where I have grown to with respects to qualifying a mate are attractiveness, consciousness, character, compatibility and quite important – similar life path and approach to living.

      1. Thanks, found it on drugstore.com, and not sure whether to order the mango or tea tree versions. Also, do I just use it like I would regular hair grease? You know what, it might be time for you to write an updated grooming post with all the products (and how you use them) you use to look/feel/smell your best. At 33 years old, I’m just starting to realize the importance of taking care of myself, and I need lots of advice.

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