Premium Meat of the Minute: Macho Harris

Victor “Macho” Harris, jr (born February 16, 1986) is an American football free agent safety of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fifth round of the 2009 NFL Draft. He played college football at Virginia Tech.

Macho’s Wolf like physique is height: 6 ft 0 in and weight: 200 lb.

He has also played for the Washington Redskins and the Pittsburgh Steelers.



I can’t even… talk.

Author: jamari fox

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37 thoughts on “Premium Meat of the Minute: Macho Harris”

  1. DAAYYUUMM Probably one of the top 3 best looking dudes in the history of Meat of the Minute LOL! He looks Black & Samoan or Blaxican (Black & Mexican)

      1. He on Twitter seems cool he got cut by the Redskins & Eagles he told me on Twitter he’s a free agent, trying to expand his horizons besides football if he doesn’t get another chance…..He saids he’s getting into Acting, expanding his modeling portfolio, & he sings LOL! Yeah I got that out of him must feel good for him I guess to have people notice him….I remember from Virginia Tech I thought he was some Samoan nigga tho

    1. Why is that some people look much better in person than they do on film? Just like the photo doesn’t do them justice…

      1. ^And I notice the people who look good in pictures look horrible in person.
        Maybe it is because their personalities shine in person,
        Or the camera doesn’t capture their faces good,
        Or they just aren’t photogenic.

        Always be happy when people say you look good in person.

    2. ^i been sleeping on him too!!!
      JAY… Good work.
      I need to sleeping with him.

      Ima get a Baller Wolf for 2012.
      Putting that out there in the universe lol
      These Wolves do it for me always!

    3. Brah you aint never lied, I aint got to see him to recognized plus that dude is smart and poetic like Tupac LMAO!

  2. GOOOOOOOODDDAMMMMMIIIIITTTTT!!!!!! *licks screen and humps screen* I want him, I WANT HIM NOOWWWWWW….

    *calls goons to kidnap him*

    He is sexy as fuck, and I cant believe I dont know him, where is he now, where does he live, can I get his number? Lmbo

  3. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^so I guess he is cheating on his girl?

    I wonder didn’t he proposed to ol girl LOL! She aint much very basic must have an awesome Personality tho because its some Bad females in Texas My god LOL!

  4. Macho Harris is one sexy ass piece of man! I know a guy that went to high school with him and he told me that Macho was black and Puerto Rican.

        1. ^you know firsthand?

          Care to share?

          I hear Rican men have only 1 of two pipes:

          1. Short and stubby
          2. Long and skinny.

          but I have heard good things about their mouth game and eating you DOWN!

    1. ^well I do hear that Spanish people in general tend to be very racist and stick within their kind.

      Spanish Vixens will mess with a black Wolf faster than a Spanish Wolf with mess with black PERIOD.

      I remember going to a D/L Spanish party (I didn’t know) and it was very cliquey.
      I came to the impression they do not like “us”.
      Mixed Spanish people tend to be different…

      So Macho may have a different outlook.

  5. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^you know firsthand?
    Care to share?
    I hear Rican men have only 1 of two pipes:
    1. Short and stubby
    2. Long and skinny.
    but I have heard good things about their mouth game and eating you DOWN!

    I’ve had sex with ones that have been half PR and they were on the athletic side. They have a very high sex drive and they’re usually fairly aggressive no matter what sex position they are.

  6. JAY :
    I don’t really see guys like him going after the dark skinned dudes for some reason.

    I grew up around latino men and i can honestly say they would never have given me the time of day. Color preference is very deep for them as well..

    1. I don’t even see many latino men with black women where I’m from…it’s just not very common.

      I don’t know about other regions.

  7. No offense, but that’s great to me, because naturally I don’t find latino’s attractive at all for any reason, I mean just in general, but that’s my preference so no offense, you have to be white or black or in between

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