Premium Meat of My SB Minute: Earl Thomas III

earlti really don’t have a dog in this fight.
not particularly interested in the teams at the superbowl.
my team ain’t playing soooo….
i’ll be still watching tho.

that being said,
^look at earl thomas III of the seahawks.
he has since cut this dreads
earlthomascheck his dossier:

a: 24
h: 5’10
w: 202
from: texas (of course)
college: university of texas at austin
drafted: 2010
position: defensive back

check some of his shots of him with/without dreads:

inside voice.
i like the cut on earl.
his eyes look really “innocent” tho.
like, he don’t do wrong.
i kinda like that in wolf.
his daughter is also really cute as well.
anyway i’ll be watching ya as well earl.

earl’s socials: twitter | instagram | website

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Premium Meat of My SB Minute: Earl Thomas III”

  1. He’s hot.I was little pushed back by the cut but that was only because the first pic caught me off guard.

    Are you sure he’s 5’10.He looks shorter.Maybe 5’9 but hell, it’s close enough.

      1. Jamari, Zen Buddha may be right about his height. (And “may be right” implies “may be wrong”.) I’m in Oakland, California and many years ago I met Tim Hardaway, Sr. when he played for the Golden State Warriors. The team roster had him listed as 6 feet, if I recall correctly but he and I were the same height and I have never been 6 feet. Team rosters are sometimes not accurate and purposefully so.

        Similarly, I met Jamie Fox a year after he won the Black Comedy Competition here in Oakland. He seemed to me to be about 5’8″ or so but you can’t tell that by his appearances in movies. He looks to be two or so inches taller in the movies. Maybe it’s the camera angles. Maybe it’s lifts in boots or shows.

  2. Love me some Earl lol. He is good looking and all, but I prefer him with dreads. I’d go ape shit in his guts lol.

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