Premium Meat of My SB Minute: Doug Baldwin Jr

7688590“well hello doug...”
so as you know,
the superbowl is in jersey this weekend.
ny is a mess and i’m avoiding the craziness of the city until monday.
i’m sure all the whores from the projects are trying to get chose.
well i hope they stay away from doug baldwin jr of the seahawks…

a: 25
h: 5’10

w: 189
from: florida
college: stanford
drafted: 2011
position: wide receiver

Rihanna-Favim_com-235848_largevery nice.
i like his voice.
he is also a lowkey exxxotical since he is filipino.
plus he is a nerd and you know how much i like that.
well not bad.
not bad at all.
i’ll be watching doug.
don’t disappoint.

doug’s social: twitter | youtube

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Premium Meat of My SB Minute: Doug Baldwin Jr”

  1. Oh yea, this dude Doug been my Meat for a while. The “Hawks” got a lot of bad ass dudes on their team man.

    Doug can get my undivided attention, seems like a cool dude to chill with.

  2. He’s Filipino?

    When I saw this dude being interviewed on ESPN I thought “He should be featured on Jamari’s blog.”

    I was gonna look up pictures myself but I said “fuck it, if I see him again I see him again.”

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