(Paint) Him

y4T99KXiE early this morning,
i went to go get some medicine for my ignorant acting allergies.
i didn’t sleep at all last night because i felt terrible.
when i got around the block,
i saw people and police standing around this car.
a nice whip at that.
black dodge charger
black tints

i usually see it parked there on my way to work in the morning.
well the car don’t look like that anymore…

it was covered in red paint,
scratched up on the side,
and the tires were flattened.

ohokon the passenger door was the word:


a wolf,
who i assumed was the owner,
looked like he was about to cry standing next to it.
he was cute too.
i can see the appeal.
i asked one of the wolves from my block what happened.

“side chick problems”

…welp say no more!
i kept on walking to duane reade.
i wanted to snap a picture,
but the wolf and the cops were not having that.
the way to really fuck up a wolf is to fuck up his car.
vixens know this.
wolves put a lot of money in their vehicles.
the car becomes an extension of his pipe.
i’m sure people will blame the she-jackal for what she did,
but will this wolf get a pass for his scandalous ways?
well i hope his insurance covers “infidelity”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “(Paint) Him”

  1. I would have had an heart-attack if that charger was mine. I’m sure he will repair it. He will find out who did it as well. I’m sure the woman in question still has the red paint and wasn’t smart enough to get a rid of it lol.

    1. ^well for her sake,
      i hope she wasn’t a dumb ass.
      i wonder if he will turn her in?
      how about if he has so many side bitches,
      he doesn’t know who could have done it?

  2. I hope that she gets caught and prosecuted but I doubt that she will due to lack of evidence. Just like Ray Rice should not have “touched” his now wife, that woman should not have “touched” his car.

    If a woman doesn’t do what you want, don’t hit her–leave her. If a man puts his penis where you doh’t want it to go, don’t “paint” or otherwise damage his car–leave him. Such behavior is inexcusable.

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