The “Turn Off That Damn Laptop and Cum To Bed” Look

tumblr_ncg288aaSf1r96op2o1_500…”yes daddy”.
you wouldn’t even have to ask twice.
i’m obedient.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “The “Turn Off That Damn Laptop and Cum To Bed” Look”

  1. Scratch this one guys. He is a homophobe and has a conceited attitude. Just NO. He couldn’t get the dick from me if he was the last man on earth. Nah. Click the link below at your own risk.

    However, people in our community have to stop sending nudes to men who claim they aren’t gay, and yes females get a pass for it as they should. Everyone is wishing, wanting, hoping and praying they can turn someone out or get them to budge. It rarely works. Even though I don’t have any social media pages, I wouldn’t even want a whole bunch of nudes in my inbox unless I ask for them. People need to learn how to be respectful. Oh and yea, some of these men realize they will get attention with the way they portray themselves. They don’t mind simple compliments, but people cross the line with the dick pics and pictures of their asses to try to get a man to fall into their trap.

    1. ^ew.
      are females really attracted to all blatant “my dick is big and you’ll be blinded by it” talk?
      it actually turned me all the way off.
      he the type that is selfish about the dick once you get him in bed.
      I’m sniffing either overcompensating for something or nothing at all.

      1. ^and lets not forget a certain attentionisto who claimed he was “straight” and “I hate gays hitting me up”….

        …is now front and center at every gay event and is gay/bi as well.
        the foxhole sniffed that one out.

      2. Some of those females might be attracted to that. Some like cocky men period. As for the people who lie, we know a small percentage of guys lie, but it’s not everyone. If they claim they are not gay, let it go. I think it’s the way people go about it is what upsets these guys the most. Dudes be sending pictures to other people like it’s nothing. If they are attractive someone is going to try it.

    2. This is a fake page…dude played football at my college until he transferred. Don’t believe everything on the web. He’s cool people.

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