no more pictures of chloe green looking dicmatized by jeremy meeks?

i keep saying and fonting it.
as hard as it is:

You don’t fall for the “Jeremy Meeks”.
You fuck them.

folks tend to fumble the bag with these types.
vixens will meet a “jeremy meeks”,
get fucked into the next oblivion,
and become an angry baby mama about a year later.
if gays could get pregnant,
it would probably be absolute terror.
so as you know chloe green,
heiress to “top shop“,
was engaged to jeremy meeks.
these days,
maybe not…

Chloe Green has added fuel to rumours that she has split with fiance Jeremy Meeks – aka the Hot Felon – by proudly posting this picture of herself without her engagement ring.

Dressed in a skimpy pink bikini, the daughter of businessman Sir Philip, posed on the back of her father’s luxury yacht in the Med, writing the caption ‘Summer days’ next to the Instagram photo.

Chloe, 28, has a one-year-old son, Jayden, with model Meeks – a former gang member who served time for grand theft – but the couple do not appear to have been on the same continent for the last three months. 

he’s kinda dumb.
he hit the jackpot with her.
he managed to get a ring AND get her pregnant.
he should have stayed put,
enjoy the fruits of his labor (dick),
keep perfecting a mind controlling stroke,
and enjoy the good life of her dime.
i’m sure she didn’t ask for much.
if this story is true,
i’m sure her family will protect her from getting “robbed”.


Be smart with attentionistos like Jeremy

they prey on the low self worth types heavy.
looking like this:

…with solid game is lethal.
you literally gotta get rid of them once your drain their nut sack.
“the door is thatta way” —->
it will go from:

Let me borrow some money
Let me move in
Let me drive your car
Let me babysit your apartment while you’re at work
Let me ruin your life

welcome the life of the dreaded hobosexual.
if you choose to take a chance on the pipe,
you gotta get into their head before they get into yours.
i’ll allow you to teach the rest if you successfully do it.

lowkey: i almost feel like the “you never had me” is better.
attentionistos like jeremy can fuck anyone.
if they never fucked you,
you are in control.

article cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “no more pictures of chloe green looking dicmatized by jeremy meeks?”

  1. “if gays could get pregnant,
    it would probably be absolute terror.”

    Ha, I know tha’s right!

  2. Well, Chloe Topshop got a beautiful little baby boy out of the hookup well before her biological clock ran down, she’s still young and very rich, and she can cut her losses and not look back. So she didn’t make out too badly.

    Jeremy Glo-Up is still gorgeous, so he can head on to his next grift target, er, girlfriend. I just hope he keeps moving forward with the modeling and other opportunities and doesn’t feel or end up forced back into a life of crime.

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