Michael Sam’s BF Went From A Big Pipe To A Bigger Wallet

BnH7t21CcAAC-DFvito cammisano has found his knight and shining baller wolf.
well before he was dating michael sam,
he was actually dating someone kinda “bigger”.
by bigger,
i mean 8″ thick n’ cut.
vito was actually “dating” porn star,
austin wilde.
“how i knowz?”
well austin tweeted this picture today…

with the caption:

“oh. remember when vito (michael sam bf) and i had a thing…”

34gr9j6…only to delete it seconds later.
thankfully my trusty f-bi was on it and sent the shot to me.
how messy is he?
is he trying to get some shine because he use to wax those bunz before?
i’m confused.
either way,
i’m not mad at vito tho.
this rule is in the foxy handbook:


…now he got him a baller wolf with access to other baller wolves.
here are some pics of his dating past and present:

the snow fox likes his checkered shirts,
don’t he?

pictures found: the s word

Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “Michael Sam’s BF Went From A Big Pipe To A Bigger Wallet”

  1. I’ve never heard of Austin Wild before. That was pretty shady of him tho.

    I still got Michael Sam’s cake on my mind. Dude is stacked in the back.

    I hate bottoms with big dicks and tops with big asses. It’s such a waste of dick and ass.

    I’m assuming that Michael is the top His bf ain’t bad looking..

    1. if you aren’t into white boy porn, of course you haven’t heard of Austin Wilde. I’m pretty sure Vito has probably starred in a scene with Austin under another name.

  2. UGhhhh…Im sorry Jamari, there is nothin sexy about a big cheesing ass soft as crying ass football player that skirts around the field trying to prove that he’s a man. I hope those men dont whoop his ass out there on the field then I can see him running to the cameras tawlkin bout “this is a game, Im gonna get hit like this…” soft ass…But hey congrats to your and your snow white queen! Invite the kids to the wedding in New Hampshire!

    1. Don’t start nah, y’all gonna make me come way out of my character and embarrass myself again.

      Michael wasn’t the only football player that cried tho. There were a few of em.

  3. Jadeveon Clowning crying ass football player.
    Kevin Durant crying ass basketball player.
    Real men don’t cry.
    Only soft ass men cry.

    1. Right. I cry as well. Not like Michael Sam did, but when you are happy you get caught up in your emotions.

  4. Let’s be fair, this won’t cause Vito any trouble, let alone Michael Sam, but that was really low of Austin to try and get in on someone else’s shine. He took it down, but everyone knows that means shit when you hit submit.

  5. Well I see white boys are like white girls with their resumes and they still snag the Ballers. I would caution Michael Sam not to put too much into this one, seems like the type who will be on the next bigger thing when he gets a chance, Im sure a reality show is on the horizon, I smell opportunist, you got to be careful of those who dont mind being in the spotlight with you, after a while, they want their own spotlight.

    1. I met Austin Wilde in San Francisco at the Castro theatre.. If I’m not mistaken he’s of Puerto Rican, Black ancestry.. This is hilarious.. how interesting. I bet they would like to shut it down. Michael impresses me as a nice guy. Hope he remains grounded.

      1. Must add, I think Michael needs to be careful, keep a low profile and play ball. People are just waiting for him to fk up. That’s why I like Jason C. Smart man, keep your personal life personal, public life in the public domain. The media is all too willing to try n find muck to drag him in. I am sure the Rams management will rein him in if he goes too far.

  6. This boyfriend of Michael looks to be the one who looks for up and comers and could jump ship in a heart beat. I’m just curious how he got from ‘dating’ Pornstar Austin to meeting Michael in Saint Louis. Isn’t Austin in California? Looks like he has a track record or it could all be a big Pr move by his team to make Michael look like a serious relationship minded baller. Wouldn’t be surprise if more stuff comes out like tapes etc.
    Be careful Michael you really don’t need this relationship to prove a thing to anyone, focus on making the team and staying on the team.
    All this other stuff is just distraction and a way for this guy to build himself up for the inevitable breakup after the season when Michael wants to mess around.

    1. Zachary according to interviews he reports that he is PR. If you meet him in person and see his hair texture he isn’t white.

      1. ^Austin is definitely biracial. Not sure what his ethnic makeup consists of…but he DEF got some brotha in him!!!

  7. OH..so you’re not a “MAN” if you express anything less than a “cap to the back, pants on the sag, thuggin’ with swag” type of demeanor? So now exhibiting emotions is a sign of weakness? smh

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