Michael Sam Is Going To Your Wolf This Year

233DD28C00000578-2837881-Man_Of_The_Year_This_is_one_of_GQ_s_revered_collectible_covers_n-4_1416245111460even tho he isn’t on a team right now,
baller wolf michael sam is your gq “wolf of the year”.
i know his snow fox must have creamed his pants.
now the real question is…

Will he be the “forgotten wolf of next year”?

time will soon tell.
this is the perfect time for michael to do a heavy reinvention tho.
no reality shows please!
headline-quiz-gamereal “G”s move in silence like lasagna.
the december issue of gq hits stands on monday!

read full write up about the article: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Michael Sam Is Going To Your Wolf This Year”

  1. I wanna be happy for him, I really do, but this just isn’t the way to go about it. It’s really not fair to other people who’s actually made relevant contributions..

    I want him to be more than just some pop culture bullet but that’s all he is and him playing up to it jeopardize his already grim chances to get into the league.

  2. i think everything that he’s gone through will open doors…someone has to open the door and go through things before things that people look down on begin to get treated as normal and gain respect…whether it’s civil rights or etc…i’m glad he’s still progressing hell maybe he’ll get an offer somewhere else…i’m just glad to see a man that’s doing him and not being afraid of being seen like so many others…

    1. Love your comment, Malcolm. So many LGBT youth out there don’t see people to whom they can relate. He breaks the stereotype. I’m proud of him.

  3. Proud of him. Kinda like thre guy and how he is staying out of the gossip media.i agree with you hecshould re-invent himself but he has taken off the pot cover pf that hypocritical league.

  4. Whyyyy though?!

    All this kind of confirms he’d rather be a celebrity than a real NFL player.

    Do the cover of Men’s Health or a fitness magazine and show us how you’re preparing to be a better football player.

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