MBJ Is The Word: “Damn!”

tumblr_ny0t79C2461qd271oo1_1280i mean….
go mbj.
have the sistas forgiven him yet?

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “MBJ Is The Word: “Damn!””

  1. I’ll pass.

    He’s a marginally talented actor anyway.

    He’ll be begging for black roles in due time. His first strike was that disaster that was Fantastic 4.

  2. He got a hot bod, but after the shit he said and that wack ass Fantastic Four movie I will pass and say goodnight. Smooches.

  3. I mean there’s no denying the man is attractive but as I’ve said before h’s in no position to be going against the grain. If this creed movie doesn’t do well he won’t be considered a box office draw and that will diminish his chances of getting the lead roles.

  4. He is attractive but a lot of people are saying that they are not going to see Creed, as I am one of them as well. He forgot it was the black community that supported Fruitvale Station and were up in arms when the movie was not nominated for an Oscar. If this movie flops it will be his third consecutive flop. I guess we will be seeing him back on Lifetime in the future.

  5. I’m going to see Creed, looks like it’s going to be great and they captured my beloved city Philly…but in regards to black women and black community being upset about his comments towards them yet half of these black entertainers do NOTHING for our community yet we continue to buy their music, clothes, and sneakers. and it’s funny because many black women and men, don’t even want to be black…bleaching their skin, trying to look eurocentric in nature we pick and choose what we don’t want to support (more than likely we dont support our own yet we support everything else). I’ve sat down with folks to talk history, about mansa musa, mali, our royalty lineage and how our community needs to build yet those conversations are overlooked the first thing people opt for is drama, instead of boycotting MJB how about boycotting instagram, FB, Gucci, Nike, Sony, Microsoft, Timbaland, and Apple, companies that make billions in dollars from our communities yet have 0-1% minoritiy employees in their company. D.l. Hughley said it best “It’s not what a man says in public that you should be concerned about, its about what they say behind closed doors”. An black actor, or celeb can say all the right shit in public but if their actions don’t match it doesn’t matter, at the end of the day everyone is entitled to their opinion regardless of how ignorant it is unfortunatelt. Much like the gay guys who go crazy over high yellow liteskin boys, as if they’re the best thing since slice bread, while paying zero attention to dark or brown skin guys, meanwhile they themselves are usually darker as well…lastly Fantastic Four not doing well had nothing to do with his acting, that was due to a poor director. you can have a movie full of great actors but if the director or producer is whack than ultimately so shall the material. between the Wire, Red Tails, Fruitvale and the Awkward Moment i’ll give him a chance…I’m just glad to see a young black man besides the already successful black actors (Denzel, Jamie, Taraji, Halle, etc) getting a spotlight….

    1. Also, what he said wasn’t even bad. People really took the comment out of context in my opinion. Meanwhile, Rihanna called Rachel Dolezal a “hero” and people still stan for her. I cannot.

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