Jacob Kohinoor Says There Are No More Wolves

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.41.13 PMnow word is,
mister butt cheeks aka jacob kohinoor is a wolf.
i’d let him get a taste.
off the record.
seriously tho,
this is what he said on his instagram

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.37.39 PM

giphy…so i guess he gets those gigantic cakes punished then?
jacob baby…
cum on over in my foxhole and provide the scoop!
…or did i miss the joke?

lowkey: he has a beautiful smile.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.52.15 PMvideo taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

41 thoughts on “Jacob Kohinoor Says There Are No More Wolves”

  1. I can’t disagree, almost every “top” that I’ve had sex with has asked me to fuck them eventually at some point.

        1. ^i think those “tops” weren’t really tops.
          it’s like the “bisexual” thing.
          it sounds good,
          but it ain’t them.

          i am sure some wolves have gotten penetrated.
          some may not have liked it.
          others may have done too much bottoming and ain’t with it no more.

          it’s all a mix bag.

  2. Speak for yourself bro.

    I have a friend who is a fellow top who I used to joke with about him bottoming. I told him that I wanted his cake…man is it fat lol. However, he wanted to cut a deal which included me giving up mine in return. NO DEAL. I will never…..

    Who would have went first tho? That would leave the chance for someone to back out.

    1. Well everone is different, there’s always gonna be someone thats doesn’t wanna get fucked or ate out. Hence, the mixed bag of differences.

  3. You guys made me laugh because a lot of dudes lie. Y’all are not the first ones to smash these so called “tops.” They are really verse and lie at the beginning. My perception has always been that they want verse dudes to give up their cakes first. You just do not wake up and decide you want to bottom lol. Either you done it, or you have been thinking about it.

  4. I got the joke but as the Man said above either you’ve been thinking it or it’s always a done deed. I’ve mostly been with straight up tops that would rather give up sex( jokingly ) than turn to bottoming.

  5. I was never a fan of the patriarchal bullshit in the gay life anyone. If things are going in this direction, I welcome it with open arms.

  6. Supply and Demand.

    Ass is plentiful and can be delivered to your door in 30 minutes like Dominoes Pizza. Demand goes down.

    I love how bottoms talk like a top that has taken dick in the past is somehow inferior and it negates that they may be a full top now or like taking dick every once in a while, like haven’t you been sucking and fucking dick since you were 12? Furthermore there are full tops out there, but keep in mind you’ll likely be on rotation with a host of other bottoms. So, you know, start a group text and decide which nights will be assigned to who like Victor Cruz and his wife.

    Let’s go there…

    1. LMAO @the Dominio’s comparison. Stop!

      You have a point about the tops who have taken pipe in the past being viewed as inferior. However, a so called “top” who takes dick every once in a while is not a true top. We can’t add time intervals to it now. Just because a dude bottoms only 3 times in the year does not make him a true top. He is a verse who tops most of time, which is called a verse top. The same goes for a supposedly “straight man” who dips in a man’s booty every once in a while. Would we label him as straight? Nope. A spade is a spade now. Anyone who thinks otherwise wants to avoid the stigma that comes with bottoming. Y’all know I’m going to keep it real.

      1. Look The Man,

        I have no personal stake in the topic at all, but after a while all the semantics get to be a bit much.

        Does his DICK get HARD?
        We smashing or nah?

        If there are no performance issues what’s the problem? If it’s a relationship thing either you’re going to compromise, agree not to bottom, or pound fists and go separate ways.

        Dudes care more about if they giving or taking dick in their past, than they do if it was protected or not and that’s a fact!

  7. Someone once told me: One man’s top is another man’s bottom. The truth is top dudes will bottom; ONLY for the right dude. If you have any feminine traits, or a hint of a few mannerisms, dudes will deem you unworthy of topping them. No one wants a bottom on their back; I know I don’t.

    1. What do you consider the right dude? I have to ask lol. Verse dudes out here portraying themselves as tops and fooling y’all lol. The thing is, the dude you think just topped for the first time, gave another dude his cakes two months ago. Dudes front at first until they get comfortable…y’all sleep. Just like dudes who conceal their feminine traits in the early stages of dating, then they start slipping after a couple of months lol. These dudes you all are referring to are guys who you have been around for a minute, not hookups, of course they will bottom after a certain time. It is the stigma that comes with bottoming and dudes not being comfortable with their masculinity, which also correlates with what you said about fem traits. The goal is to appear as masc as possible when you meet a guy.

  8. i think in the gay community it’s TOO many labels when it comes to sex…people should just have fun and be free in the bedroom…hence the reason so many are single…standards are unrealistic…men will go on and on about how they need a masculine man who ‘acts str8’ whatever that means lol meanwhile they all blowing each other backs out at the end of day…i feel as long as folks play it safe and have fun they’ll enjoy…so many men think your role in sex is written in stone as if you can’t switch..now that 30 is quickly approaching i’m getting rid of some things that didnt help me none in life in regards to sex

  9. Idk in a practical “relationship” situation does the label “top” or “verse” matter? (assuming people are being honest with themselves and each other that is) Whether he “bottomed” in the past or not and is now a “top” (maybe really verse, who knows) doesn’t really matter if you know your roles with EACH OTHER.

    But maybe my version of “gay” is different than most, or maybe I’m in a dream world. Idk at this point.
    All those distinctions don’t really mean as much unless it affects if we can have sex with each other or not. I don’t care what you call yourself as long as we can enjoy each other.

    My point is that the whole idea of gay sex is predicated on this idea or even culture of “topping” and “bottoming” that it has taken away the pure action of sex in the first place. Its so important to look for the “right” top (meaning that he has some sort of big dick) or the “right bottom” (phat azz etc.) that the whole notion of sex for gay people has become straight up convoluted.

    Its one thing to be attracted to one thing more than the other, or not wanting to bottom etc, but creating all these rules for what it means to be a top or bottom takes away the “natural” aspect of it.

    1. It’s a sad reality, but I’ve met bottoms that take it so far they won’t even associate with other bottoms because they don’t want any competition.

      Now that I’m older, I get offended when a dude even inquires about what I do in bed upon just meeting me. That speaks to where your priorities and makes you look like someone of questionable character.

      Basically like a woman saying she’s dating with the expectation of marriage and asking a guy if he eats pussy as soon as she meets him.

      Hell the top and bottom labels won’t matter when both of ya’ll are elderly in diapers and impotent, which is the long term goal right? Lifelong companionship? Or nah? lol

      1. That’s the idea, I’m not really thinking that far, but yeah.

        And you should get offended! It’s rude! I would want to know more about who you are, if we’re compatible we can talk about that later, and while sex is important, there are more important things to get off the table other than sex, so that’s why, things like dick size, whether someone’s top or bot, verse top vers, bot vers etc, is only relevant when were going to have sex and trying to figure out who goes where lol. Before that, I could care less what you do in bed, its YOU that i’m interested in, not your bed game, lol. I’ll stay in my dream world if people just don’t get that though.

        People so pressed about dick size, and tops literally just shows the maturity level of the community. Especially as men, we should know better.

        Just have sex and enjoy each other, why make it so damned complicated

  10. I’m gonna throw in my $0.02 here and say that the labels within the community has definitely inhibited the pleasures of sex for some. As far as I am concerned, if me and the other guy can enjoy each other sexually and we both know what position(s) we play, then it shouldn’t be that hard (no pun intended). I used to have hang ups when it came to a sexual partner’s position but as I’ve gotten older, I’m less rigid.

    1. This is EXACTLY what I’m saying. It doesn’t mean as much as people think it does. It doesn’t have to be that serious! Whatever works!

  11. You know what’s funny, I cannot believe in 2015 that we are still putting black gay men in a box. Last time I checked : TOP/BOTTOM/VERS is not a character trait.. it is a sexual position.

    1. 👏👏👏 You’d think people grow out of this petty shit, but they never do. I mean to be gay you get judged for your preference. Now gays judge each other about which position you did. I find it as typical as a person asking “who is the man in the relationship?”

  12. Not booty dipping tho 👀 Lol. Maybe itms just me, but I think we’ve all had that experience of being asked to climb that great untouchable back at some point. I ain’t tryna do it, but it’s worth the ask I guess. Lol

    Oh, but back to mister Jacob. He’s pretty open (now) about being verse. Check out his Youtube; we could all learn a trick or two 🙂

  13. I agree.. In my experience a lot of guys claim “top” because they’re insecure about being gay in the first place plus the negative connotation that is linked to bottoming and being submissive.. However some just don’t like it because it may feel uncomfortable. However I cosign with a previous poster who said it takes the right guy to poke a “top” for the first time. You’re not going to go your ENTIRE life having sex in one position without any curiosity or more experimenting. Miss me with that BS.

  14. It’s wild to me that I keep hearing there’s NO top-only dudes. I only top, and I have tried bottoming once, but it just wasn’t for me. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m bi.

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