Meetup With A Faceless Stranger: (20)

This is for everyone.

and Hybrids.

You meet a guy on the chat site and he is a lot more mature than what you are use to.
He claims he has a nice job, own apartment, and doesn’t have time for the games.
He didn’t have a picture up, but you decided to send you one in a email.

Well you finally open it you see

…what would you do think about him upon first glance?

…and would you consider meeting up with him?

Honesty gets you 10 points

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Meetup With A Faceless Stranger: (20)”

  1. I find him attractive, but I don’t know if we’d be the right fit for each other. I’m way too cautious to meet anyone online these days though. When I used to go to hookups I’d have a switchblade in both of my sleeves. I’m no fool.

  2. Uh. It’d take some getting adjusting to. He’s not really my type per se.
    He’s more of a “bear” and that’s not exactly attractive to me.

  3. I’d think DAMN BABY WHERE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!!! And in an hour or less, I’d be enjoying that lovely fur coat, with all the attachments!!!

    “What becomes a legend most”

  4. I would smash. His hairy body fits his frame really well. Yeah, I would meet up with him real quick. 🙂

  5. We could do whatever he likes as long as he’s tall, at least 5’11. I’m 6’4, I’m not attracted to any man that reminds me of a hairless malnourished child. He’s sexy just because he looks like a man and not a Bishop Eddie Longstroke Leadership Academy boy.

  6. i would continue talking to him just my type except a lil extra hair but i can get over that. and after the sex we could watch the game thats on

  7. I’m not a fan of all that hair; Like Random said, he’s a bit too bearish for me. He’s not un-attractive, just not really for me. I might meet to talk though; cuz I was pleasantly surprised by the last dude I met that looked like this, just darker…

  8. He could get it ALL!! But I’d be concerned about that peen area.. It’s looking a lil light, and I like my meat heavy!

  9. Nice body…he would have to get all kinds of waxes though! I’m not a fan of excessive hair…period.

  10. May be in the minority but I’m not attracted to very muscular men.
    I prefer a skinny or even a little gut over muscular men.
    He is handsome, though. Love the facial & body hair though.

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