remember this guy?

the one in the middle?
we played a good game of lay down some rubber with this 3some.
well, i remember i thought he was hot and wanted to smash.
an f-bi found him and brought him to the foxhole…

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oh he is that guy i featured one time….
he is actually really good looking…
but i don’t feel he would fuck my brains out.
i could be wrong.
ive been wrong before…
…on both sides of the coin.

lowkey: his friend is hot.
his eyes look innocent.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “MEAT: LEFTOVERS (255)”

  1. nice suit, gay as hell and i need to know his barber too. instagram , too many guys, female artistes, doil looking females, food and scriptures = gay ass fox mofo

  2. Meh. He seems like the type that would enter butch queen sex siren competitions. I could def see him walking the catwalk at a ball. The boys surrounding him in the other pictures posted though >> The images flowing through my head right now!

      1. They are not my type, but I wouldn’t kick any of em out of my room. I’ll have that lip gloss on their lips smeared all around their faces lol.

  3. This needs to be a new topic. Jamari would you date a guy that’s in the ballroom scene even if he just a sex siren?

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