MEAT: (747)

who is this??…

…and allegedly he knows how to fuck,
according to tumblr.

Do we have any video-graphic evidence of said fucking?

i’d like a movie for my snowed in saturday night.

lowkey: foxhole found him.
his name is gerardo gabriel and this is the video…

check his morning routine:

video credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “MEAT: (747)”

      1. What tumbler site said he was so good in the bedroom and like you, I’d like to see said video…if there is one. Because I’m inclined to believe that that’s self promotion going on! LOL
        We’ve seen the Heat video, right?! Pipe skills were a bit disappointing.

    1. Lol Gerado is actually legitimate. He has his own clothing line and brand. He’s on YouTube too. He is one of fitness guys out here that actually stay promoting fitness. Yes he is cocky because he knows he looks good but I have yet to see him say something that is outta pocket.

      And y’all better slow down with this one. He actually has money of his own (unlike many broke “fitness guys”) so I doubt he will be doing the “extra” on the side like the other pseudo IG fitness trainers lmao

  1. I’ve heard from people that have met him that he’s a bit arrogant. Could be from the “internet fame” or it could be from dudes hitting on him so much.

      1. I don’t believe he is. I think he might be “down” for the right price, like some of the internet narcissists. LOL
        I am certain he identifies as straight though.

      2. He’s not gay, he said so in his snap Q&A when asked about it. He is aware that gay guys follow him though.

        He’s extremely vain but so are most guys on social media these days, he isn’t gay though. I don’t get that vibe from him. In all honestly he seems like a well-rounded decent guy (for now anyway lmao)

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