MEAT: (344)

50ce5a0f0d07fi like to think that i put him on.
<—– he sat in my “fantasy box” for a hot minute.
everyone was nutting on their keyboards.
“who is he?”
“where is he from?”
model wolf brandon trahan.
well i have an update for all the foxes…

tumblr_mnmg3oxGg51qi857wo1_500a little lower brandon.
here’s some more left over meat until next time:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “MEAT: (344)

  1. Lord….that man can have me in any position, any place, anywhere ANY TIME…the finest piece of chocolate this side of the Mississippi i love my black men…GOD was just showing off when he made black men

    1. ooooooo, you wrong for that! LMAO!

      I don’t think he’s attractive either. He does look nice from the side though…

  2. He just looks better with facial hair.

    I don’t see no one else offering up any face pics.

    Jamari, I’ll tell him you said hi next time I see him in the club. Lmao haha

    1. ^if that short muthafucka was at a lounge,
      house party,
      or even on the street and he asked for anyone’s number…

      the number would be exchanged.

      im not going to judge him based on a 2007-08 college picture when he was obviously younger.

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