Marshawn Lynch Was “Ready 2 Ride” In The Seahawk’s Locker Room

1388946817000-USP-NFL-St-Louis-Rams-at-Seattle-Seahawkssomeone was feelin it after they won.
well as he should.
cameras were allowed into the seahawks locker room post game (um, yay),
where they caught marshawn lynch dancing to philthy rich “ready 2 ride”

now don’t front like you weren’t looking around for this:

tumblr_mphzdzUpDu1r78dgto1_400…like i was.
uh huh.
i’ll admit to being a creep.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Marshawn Lynch Was “Ready 2 Ride” In The Seahawk’s Locker Room”

  1. I saw a “typical” young black man that was excited about his superbowl win. I saw some naked ass. I saw a bunch of confused white folks. I heard a bunch of “bitches, hoes, niggas, and mutha fuckas”. #inappropriatemusic

  2. Someone needs to make a gif of Shannon Brown’s ass in the background of the locker-room.I think I saw the video on myvidster.

  3. I saw this earlier on WSHH and I was like Okaay, I know you are geek up after the win but that was a bit extra, and almost bordered on being coonish, I was amazed that they let that much media in a lockeroom at one time. I caught many in there who seem to be on the lookout for premium meat, I saw many camera phones and not news camera’s. Ironic the only time so many white men are so excited about seeing Black men.

  4. It was coonish. Carry yourself like they are going to scrutinize the hell out of you and anyone that looks like you. It isn’t asking too much to put on some other music. And we wonder why they are afraid of us…if this is what they see out of the ones that “made it”…

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