Like A Wolf

“yo what you doing?”

I was horny and I needed some ass.
I sent that mass text to everyone in my “smash” group.
I mean, everyone should have a smash group.
Every number replied to my text.

“nothing… what u doin?”

– boring

“doing homework..”

– blah.


– bingo….

After a few back and forth texts, I told him to come thru to my crib.
I went and took a shower.
Wanted to make sure that I was ready for him when he came.

When he came through, he looked good.
But I’m use to niggas who looked good, but he looked real good.
I just wanted that ass…

We sat on the couch and talked for a few minutes.
I was tired of talking and wanted to get this party started early.
First, I put my hand on his lap to let him know I was ready.
Judging from his response, he was the shy type.
Guess I had to smooth this one up.

 I rubbed my hands up his thigh.
I could tell he was hard as shit.
That was when he lost that shy shit.
He put his hands in my sweats and started to jerk me off.
Now we are ready.
I pulled him closer to me and he scooted over.
He pulled my dick out and dove head first.
He sucked my dick like a champion.
I would never have thought he never did this before.
He was a champ!
He did some tricks on my dick that I had my toes low-key curling.
I would never let him know that though.
I put my hand on the top of his head and controlled the motion.

After sucking my dick for 15 minutes, I was ready for that ass.
He looked at me and smiled nervously.
I let him know that it was okay and I would be gentle.
He bent over on the couch and pulled his jeans and boxers down.
I took my finger and slowly entered it in his ass.
I moved it in and out slowly.
I heard him moaning softly, but I wanted him to feel this pleasure and pain.
I proceeded to stick two fingers inside this time.
I wanted him to open up for all this dick.

After I opened him up,
I pulled my clothes off, grabbed a Magnum condom, and lubed my dick up.
I took some lube and poured it on his hole.
I put my dick on his cheeks and slide it up and down.
I wanted him to fiend for this good dick he was about to get.
I rested the head on top of his hole and watched him try to ease up on it.
I slapped him his ass.
Not yet nigga.
I bent down and flicked my tongue up and down on his hole.
I wanted him to feel special because I don’t just do that for anyone.
He started to pre-cum on my couch.
I started tongue fucking him as I spread those fat cheeks as far as they could go.
I was ready to fuck.
I got up and held onto the shaft and guided my dick inside.
He was tight as HELL…
I used fingers/my dick combo to slide in deeper.

I finally got my dick in that nice tite hole and started moving him back and forth.
I could feel his walls massaging my dick ever so lovely.
I slapped him on his ass and slowly started to pipe him harder.

you like this? – I asked.

All he could do was moan.
The dick I was giving him was lovely.
I was grinding my shit in him so deep.
I was hitting spots I don’t think he knew he had in his ass.
I slapped him on that fat butt because I wanted him to know this shit was good.
He started throwing it back to let Daddy know.
That was my que to beat that shit up.
I grabbed him by his neck and started to fuck him stupid.
He started to run away from the dick, but I had to pull him back.

I fucked him hard for every Fox he cheated on.
Every thrust inside was for all my Foxes who got mixed signals.
Every slap on his ass was for every Fox that never got a return phone call.
Every time I went deeper, it was for every Fox out there.

I fucked that Wolf all types of stupid.

I’m bout to bust. – I moaned.

He hopped off my dick and got down on all fours.
I came right on his face.
He smiled as he took all that skeet to the grill.
He was a freaky little something too because he put my dick in his mouth and sucked up all the extra nut.
I stood there for a minute; exhausted.
I looked down at him and smiled.

He went to the bathroom and cleaned himself off.
After a quick hug and a “I’ll hit you up” line, he bounced satisfied.
I had no intentions of hitting him up again.

He was another Wolf turned out.
Whose next?


Written By Jamari Fox
(C) 8.31.11 11:30pm

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

38 thoughts on “Like A Wolf”

  1. *high fives and fist pumps* Fuck yeah Jamari, I fucks with this. This is how you should always be with these wolves, show no mercy, take no prisoners. Our time is now, Who Run The World? FOXES!!!! Lmbo

  2. OMG got hard and almost shed a tear lol. Hats off to you Jamari this is a proud day in fox history. Its time that we took back our dignity, stop puttiing these PUPS on pedestals, treat them just like they treat us. Fuck they ass, heart and mind then drop they ass fast as hot cakes without twinking twice! I salute you my fellow fox, lead the way

  3. i cannot condone this! LMAO.. its not only wolves…You can treat them good day to day, put it down in the bedroom have them moaning and calling your name and there are will still be plenty of shady, cheating, mixed signal, non phonecall returning foxes out there too !

      1. its also the bigger better deal syndrome prevalent in the concrete sure u can relate jamari..for every wolf u want and are trying to go after..theres others chasing you that you are not interested and may think that you are not being serious…

  4. wolfstyle :
    its also the bigger better deal syndrome prevalent in the concrete sure u can relate jamari..for every wolf u want and are trying to go after..theres others chasing you that you are not interested and may think that you are not being serious…

    Okay 1) i have some questions for you Wolfstyle back in the “Lay Down Some Rubber” post that i need for you to answer please lol.

    2) I cant think of too many wolves chasing me… like.. at all… who I’m brushing off. Their pursuit usually isn’t all that long anyway. And I don’t think the proportion of shady foxes is close to the same as that of the wolf kind. Every fox i know says the same phrase “i just want ONE! Is that too much to ask?” Unless there are a large number of wolves who are on the phone with each other saying the exact same thing?

  5. i hear u vain..i guess it has been my experience that some of the foxes i have dealt with certainly had options i wasnt the only one trying to holla..

    what questions u need answered vain? im listening

    1. Just a few things im curious about. lol.

      So how did you and your top friends like… find each other and become friends? How big is your circle of wolf friends? Do you have the same friendships with foxes as well? Are your friendships based upon like sharing of details about yourself (like do you call them and tell them about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions) or are they centered around activities (like playing basketball or going out to a party)? Do you all have the same taste in foxes?

      1. Wolf-life or at least my experience thusfar

        i met some of my wolf friends through mutual friends and hit it of the wolves introduced me to his friends. so that made about 5 of us and then i know a couple others in other sets of friends that i dont see as often.

        the friendship with foxes is different because theres very few people that i trust to know my business..and sometimes with a fox if u share a lot( because you arent attracted) the fox may begin to resent that u have more than one guy u are getting to know..or develop feelings for u beyond the friendship..and like i said thats only a problem because u are sharing on that level because u arent sexually attracted to the fox. i feel like if a wolf is attracted at all to the fox and nothing has happened yet the wolf is gonna keep that fox at a lil distance to not enter the “friend zone” and theres potential for something more at a later date

        …the friendship with the wolves is definitely based on thoughts feelings and sharing things about yourself til a brotherly bond was built..theres activities…brunches…theres parties to attend..industry events etc. a couple have similar tastes there are some universal faves…i feel like we share openly the guys we think are hot on a purely physical level..but are more secretive about the guys we are trying to bag seriously until that goal is reached..occasionally if we think the fox may have previously come into contact with our circle or extended circle of acquaintances we may run a name past each other to run a carfax of sorts and avoid any bro-code violation there are definitely differences especially in the kinds of guys that we choose to get involved more seriously with

  6. wolfstyle :
    Wolf-life or at least my experience thusfar

    I apologize for having so many question and i really appreciate you answering them all. I had to re-read this a few times. There is so much information here!! You have no idea how much light you are shedding on that whole side because most of us foxes have no idea how you guys operate.

    I can completely understand how it would be difficult to maintain fox/wolf friendships. Its almost like how hetero men and women can’t often be friends (if there’s an attraction there at least). Now, I’m trying to understand the part about keeping foxes your interested in at a distance because i think I’ve experienced that with wolves i know. It’s like… i think you like me but im not really sure because you don’t engage me often? There was one i was friends with who wouldn’t disclose his relationships and the boys he was talking to with me which i thought was odd. We weren’t dating or talking so i couldn’t understand what the big deal was? But then eventually, one thing led to another and well… We don’t talk anymore lol. But i figured he thought that if he told me about the many boys he was talking to, sleeping with, getting to know, entertaining, etc. that i would go away. Is that the reasoning behind not entering the “friend zone?”

    Apparently there’s a difference between the amount of sharing between same… species is i guess the word? lol… relationships. We do the carfax history report thing too! lol We’ll send pictures through phones and facebook names like… LOOK HIM UP NOW!! My fox friends know EVERYTHING about each others dating lives. We share all information when it comes to boys we interact with from ones who just got our numbers to ones we think are cute to who we’d like a relationship with. It would be thought of as “shadey” to just end up with someone or sleep with someone and not disclose this information of this pursuit prior to it happening. The thinking is like: “Why did you feel the need to keep that a secret from us? What does that say about our friendship and how close we are if you don’t feel that you can tell us these important details?”

    I still have more questions! Why would you need feel the need to talk about the ones you’d like to pursue seriously with them? From your perspective, what have been the differences in the types of men you and your friends pursue to be involved with seriously? What sort of qualities do you all look for that place someone in the “i want to be serious with you” category? Where do you all meet these foxes? Are your friends like… i guess out of the closet and not on the DL?

    1. as far the could be a bunch of things that would make a man want to prolong the “potential of taking it there”..either its bad timing, or if u have a set of messy friends that he doesnt want knowing his business through u, or maybe he something in you..but its not 100% a your on a back burner..maybe u have to lose a lil weight..or get rid of a bad hairstyle etc..change up your gear that screaming to everyone that u are “GHEY” lol it really depends.

      as far as wolf-on-wolf talk I feel like we know EVERYTHING about each others relationships..but not the dating life..but i think thats because ur waiting for it become a lil more concrete not just someone u went on a date a couple of if my wolf buddies were present when i met said fox we will share the details along the road.

      as far as types i feel like my friends all look for guys that are pretty masc. wear normal clothes…and soften up some in the bedroom naturally..those are the ones we are after for the long haul..Someone u can take home and ur parents will say thats a “nice young man”
      i feel like foxes can be met anywhere in person or online..though i feel that the ones met through mutual acquaintances will treat u one wants a bad rep circuling around.

      everyone is out of the closet..and it wasnt totally obvious we did have to tell some people that we are gay

      1. *raises hand*
        i have a 2 wolfstyle…

        do you and your wolf friends hang out in public like the mall, movies, etc?
        how can a fox tell that a wolf is really into them, if he is D.L or discreet?

      2. Interesting! I feel like im interrogating you lol. But i genuinely want to better understand those on your side. I know you arent the ambassador of all things wolf-like but your perspective might be shared with a lot of others. You said there about about 5 of you which to me is A LOT since most of the wolves I’ve come across are loners. I assume you are all pretty much in the same age range? Do any of you play sports (recreational)? Where would we likely find you all hanging out together? What would be the best way to approach if I’m interest… or better yet…Would you say your friends prefer to approach or be approached?

        I think that’s it for now with what I want to know. You’re awesome for entertaining my questions!

        And I guess its only fair to ask If there anything about foxes you’d like to know?

  7. no prob jamari.

    i mean we do shop together sometimes but thats rare..more eating out and in hanging in a pack at clubs and parties

    i just think if the looks and stares continue for a long time..he’s into that may all change once u start talking..because he’s immediately assessing you..and most likely if he’s DL or discreet..his main assessment is if people saw u with him whether they would know if you are gay or not..if your not passing the clockable test..that interest ends during that convo.

    hopefully i have been helpful

    1. I know right? We jumped at the opportunity to get a glimpse into that whole side! Honestly, at least on my part, I don’t know too many to ask. I feel a new entry coming up in the foxhole? lol.

      There indeed needs to be all different types of wolves commenting so we’d get a better understanding of different points of view.


  8. not scared at all foxes…communication is sure i will have so questions for you boys too…enjoy the day!

      1. ahh i didnt see that vain..all in the same age range..late 20’s for the most part a couple in the the 30’s some play sports..but we dont all play together..theres few str8 boys we play with..and i actually think u stand a better chance if u meet us when we are by ourselves..some times we are so busy having laughs we arent in the “im gonna bag that mode”.i dont think any of the wolves including me have a problem with being approached…i just think if they see something the really want SOMEONE is going to go after it..REMEMBER MEN ARE PROBLEM SOLVERS BY NATURE..i just think for the most part it needs to be chill..not too pressed..just friendly conversations..a lil wit ,jokes help and then let it flow

  9. Thanks Wolfstyle! I’ve always thought the wolf and breeder friendship dynamic wouldn’t be too difficult to maintain because the two groups share most things in common (especially world views and perspectives) except probably one or two glaring differences. The breeders and foxes friendship dynamic however often turn into a very male/female sort of friendship (but not completely) from my experience. I don’t know too many foxes who are out there playing sports (unless they’re athletes prior to or they use it as a method of getting close to them in order to sleep with them), going out drinking, and doing whatever it is str8 males do while still being treated genuinely like “one of the guys.” I know my friendships with straight men tend to be like that although to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of most str8 men to begin with (neither are many of my fox friends).

    And again, if there is anything you’d like to know (especially regarding dating us or interaction at all) please ask away!

  10. very interesting vain…believe me wolf/women friendships can be even more working on my fox questions

    1. I always thought wolves tended to befriend the bull dykes as opposed to straight fysh. They tend to treat foxes like things and not people. Accessories to wield around “this is my gay friend” or wind up toys poised to spew out catch phrases and tell them how great they look and who has a big penis or like a gossip magazine to point out who’s fine, who’s gay, and who isn’t. I’m weary of straight women. Not all because everyone knows a fysh or two. But most. What are wolf/fysh friendships like then?

      1. well my experience is that its the that because the women dont view you as “one of the girls” you are the “if only” in if only he wasnt gay that would be my husband…and because outwardly u look like a couple..if the woman is single..she wants u to treat her like shes ur girlfriend..pick her up from her place..drop her off at her the door of where u are going..give her ur jacket if she gets cold..she gets annoyed if u cant do something because you have a date…its a hassle…the str8 women that i have kept in my life i am close with know what the deal is and still stay low maintenance…that works best for me. i kind of have some issues with bull dykes to be honest

        1. ^i always assumed dykes liked to hang with more Foxes than Wolves and straight Wolves for Vixen hunting.
          All the dykes I knew had a gang of Foxes as friends…. and not one Wolf.

  11. yeah the foxes can help the bull dykes get the girls they want (pretty fem ones) and wolves and straight men are gonna always look at all that fake masculine energy and say ur not a real man…girl sit down

    1. Thats so odd to me because… well.. I assumed you’d have the most in common. Bull dykes to me are exactly straight men. They act just the same. They intimidate the hell outta me to be honest lol. Bull dykes get no love? My fox friends live for them because of their masculinity so i guess it is true.

      Wolves are snorkeling with the fysh now? I’d imagine fysh would be pretty upset hanging with a wolf as they tend to not like the idea that a man exists that isn’t the least bit into them. I can see them expecting to be treated like a girlfriend as opposed to just friends. Very interesting. This brings up so many questions now. So that gorgeous she’s walking with might not be her man?

      1. bull dykes to me are often more complicated than that to me..straight men like and feel a kinship with other straight men…dykes are different in that many hate the one thing they want to be most. i have seen way more man-hating lesbians than woman hating gays…

        and yes its confusing..but that cute guy with girl may not be here boyfriend..its sometimes the “understudy” the man just holding the spot while she finds more options

  12. I can’t remember having any bull dykes as friends. Vixens, other wolves, hybrids, foxes, and fem dykes – yes. My inner circle at one time included a str8 wolf & his wife, str8 vixen, bi girl, (sorta-fem) dyke, and a hybrid dude (and me). lol

    I like my girls to be girls, and the boys to be boys, so I’ve always had issues w/bull dykes & fem queens…*shrug*

    Other than that, I agree w/a lot of what WS said

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