Let Me Tell Ya’ll About This Crazy Ass Dream I Just Had

idoci took a nap just now with the craziest dream.
i had to share it.
why was my mother trying to hook me up with
songbirdz (trey songz) and baller wolves?
well alright alright alllllllrightttttttt…

so in my dream,
i was back at my parent’s apartment,
but the hallway was the same one i had now.
i walked in and my mother told me songzbird was staying in the back bedroom.

why he was staying there i had no clue.
all i know is i almost fainted.
i decided to chill and eat these cheese danishes (my fav) that were on the cupboard.

the dream then cut to her walking in the front door.
she gonna tell me that about 60 or so people were in the hallway.
she said they were baller wolves meeting for halftime out there and i should go out and say hello.
when i looked out the peep hole,
i legit saw them out there.
they were wearing black and yellow jerseys.
pittsburg steelers?

steelersthe dream cuts to us in the room songzbird stayed in.
his suitcases was still there,
but my mother’s washing machine she bought a year before died,
had leaked all over the floor and she was cleaning it up.
songzbird’s bed had on these nice white sheets,
which were unmade.
he had yellow monopoly money and some gold coins sitting on the bed.
there was also a note he wrote on a pink piece of paper.
it had writing and numbers which i can’t remember.
either way i kept the note and that’s when i woke up.
my father was nowhere to be found,
but it felt good to know my mother was so accepting of me liking wolves.
something i worried about for a long time.
i came from a very strict homophobic upbringing,
but the fact she knew what i liked (songzbird and baller wolves)…
well good taste ma!
can you send me them in real life now?
i’m just sayin..

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Let Me Tell Ya’ll About This Crazy Ass Dream I Just Had”

  1. Wow, hot dream. And pretty self-explanatory. You want your parents to accept your sexuality. I hope one day that comes true.
    Immanuel at dlconfessionssequel.com

  2. If I found Trey Songz in my crib I wouldn’t know what to do, but I can guarantee you that the next morning he’ll be in the bed looking like he is in the gif. LOL

    LMAO@yellow monopoly money.

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