Leh Me Go Steal From Dis Sto With My Sons In Mah Bagz (Shoots)

fetus18n-11-webaww she is pretty.
too bad she a little cray cray.
i thought this was a wonderful story before bed.
it makes should make you feel all warm inside.
so that lovely jackal is named tiona rodriguez.
she is from my city and recently got arrested.
well she went shoplifting with her son in her bag…
dead son that is.

A suspected teen shoplifter was busted Thursday toting around a dead fetus in a plastic bag while swiping lingerie at a midtown Victoria’s Secret, cops said.

The horrifying discovery at the Herald Square store occurred after a security guard spotted the 17-year-old girl and a pal snatching sexy underthings off the rack and called police.

Patrol officers responding to what appeared to be a routine property crime made the gruesome find, as they corralled the two girls. One of them, Tiona Rodriguez, told police she suffered a miscarriage the day before. Rodriguez, already the mother of a young son, was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

One police source said she was at least 61/2 months pregnant when she went into labor. But another said Rodriguez was “nearly full term.”

“She said she didn’t know what to do,” the source said.

On Wednesday night, Rodriguez posted on her Facebook page, complaining:


  She also noted that she was excited about a job interview she had Wednesday at Chipotle.

Paramedics took Rodriguez, dressed in sneakers and sweatpants, out of the flagship Victoria’s Secret store in a wheelchair.

Hours later, officials from the Medical Examiner’s Office removed the fetus from the store. They were also seen carrying out other bags of potential evidence.

Cops swarmed the 50,000 square-foot store on Broadway at W. 34th St., conducting an investigation even as customers, most oblivious of the disturbing find, continued shopping.

tumblr_muj1yg2b6Z1rm146oo1_250mad they didn’t give a damn.
well that’s new york for you.

“get that crazy hoe out of here so i can find my bra set girl”
no fucks to give.
that vicky secrets stays busy too.
i’m mad ol girl went to go get steal new panties with a dead baby in her bag.
that is just a new type of wild i’m not use too.
maybe she was hiding this pregnancy from….?
either way lets hope she gets the help she needs
…by learning how head to the free clinic or dial 911.

lowkey: i’m actually more disturbed she already has a kid.

story found: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Leh Me Go Steal From Dis Sto With My Sons In Mah Bagz (Shoots)”

  1. Please explain to me why the chipotle part was necessary for this story…it’s bad enough with out it but to me it just makes this worse

    1. ^the whole thing is sad.
      i don’t understand why she had the baby in her bag unless she just gave birth and was scared.
      she already has a kid so this isn’t unfamiliar to her.
      this whole situation is weird and like man said,
      she could go to jail.
      insanity plea?

      1. This is why children shouldn’t be having children and social media is going to hurt her case when they charge her, thats why I said that comment about being excited about a job at Chipotle mad it seem worse because it showed a mind frame to make people question does she even care about the miscarriage and is she even competent enough to take care of the son she has already

  2. It saddens me that THIS is what LIFE means to our up-and-coming! She was more interested in stealing underwear than taking her @$$ to the hospital! WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?! SHE’S A MINOR!

  3. The hormonal shifts pregnant women go through can make them emotional and illogical. Plus she is young and still immature. Shoplifting can be a reaction to stress and emotional upheaval. So I know what she did was horrible and bizarre but try to understand why it could have happened.

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