Kudos To Whoever Ate Tank’s Groceries (Mouth of Champions)

Tank-Feattank has been turnt out by a real good mouth.
he woke up thursday morning,
hoped in his car,
and had to pull over at the side of the road to tell us this via the shade room



oh ok.
this reminds me of those “straight” wolves who fuck a fox for the first time.
they get some good foxtail,
with a side of niagra falls mouth,
and pussy just doesn’t feel the same anymore.
well tank had his ass ate by some vixen and won’t shut up about it.
i liked him when he was mute.
he should entertain that again.

lowkey: i bet he be like this…


…when the tongue goes way in.
don’t sleep tho because many straight wolves are like this now.


that turns me on for some reason.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Kudos To Whoever Ate Tank’s Groceries (Mouth of Champions)”

  1. I agree Tank needs to go back to hushing up. I don’t care what you like to do in the bedroom. It seems like he did this to keep his name in people’s mouth since people aren’t talking about his music like that (well they never have)

    At least he didn’t get homophobic with it like some straight wolves would have.

  2. I don’t really think it’s fair to say this is only for gay men. It really isn’t nothing new, people just keep quiet about it.

    1. yep, Ive heard straight dudes in college bragging about their their salad toss. This one dude was like that shit felt so damn good, it caught him off guard but he didnt stopped it either.

  3. This is the most attention he’s ever really gotten so he says off the walls shit for more attention. I remember when he asked dark skinned girls why they hate light skinned women like his wife smh

      1. It happened a while ago he tweeted that.

        Typical black man using colorism and the shortage of black men suitable for marriage to divide black women.

        I suspect he was thrown off by all the social media attention he got from that and now he says shit for attention.

        He has nothing else going on.

  4. So if he likes to get his booty eaten like groceries. Does it means that he also go through the douching process like a bottm? lol

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