Kevin McCall Gets Naked… and He Needs To Put His Clothes On

I’m a little disappointed.
When I saw the words “Kevin McCall” and “Naked” in the same sentence,
I was on it.
Then I come across some un-naked music video and a song that was less to be desired.



He has better music too.
This song is a automatic fail.
Let’s see more chest Kevin, kinda like this:


or this:


Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Kevin McCall Gets Naked… and He Needs To Put His Clothes On”

  1. *giggles and shakes head* I love Kev. but I could care less about his music cuz it sucks. LOL. If that’s what he wants to do I won’t knock him though. All I want him to do is look cute and I will be satisfied. Oh and don’t get me started on Big Sean and that yellow suit.

  2. I never heard of him until I read this post. He’s very sexy. I just wish he filled out his undies more.

  3. I know what he was going for with this. If you listen to his music, it’s mostly R&B, so he needed something that could be played on the radio or in the club. Smart move on his part, imo.

    Disappointed by the video though because part of it looks like something Chris Brown would do.
    In fact, the suit and gloves in the opening scene is the exact outfit Chris Brown is wearing on the cover of his new album.

    The video should have been more exciting. Probably in a club atmosphere. Full of sexy women dancing.

  4. Didnt know this dude was a Artist, and I use the term loosely. Uh sorry he is fine and good looking but his material belongs at Dollar Tree along with the up and coming Icon Rapper George Hill, on their clearance rack. Im just going to anxiously await for D’Angelo’s rumored comeback.

  5. He’s cute, but that’s about it; though some of his bars on other stuff sounded nice. I was tryna peep any bulge in that tight yellow suit Big Sean was wearing…lol

    I think CBreezy directed that video…eh

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