Kerry Rhodes Ain’t Gay! (How Much Times He Gotta Say It?)

you could as well stop droolin’ after kerry rhodes.
he is straight.
no, seriously.
well he had a phone interview with espn,
where he denied everything that has been said about him.
  this is what he said about…


“I don’t think I was blacklisted,” Rhodes said during a phone interview Tuesday. “Especially with the NFL I don’t think they would do that … to me it was a product of me wanting to do other things and not finding the right opportunity.”


“I emphatically said no once and that’s all I need to say and people who know me know that’s definitely not the case,” Rhodes said. “To me I’m definitely not and I can’t control what people think, so I move on.”

“I’m never going to live life scared,” Rhodes said.

knowshon-cries-2i know ya’ll.
wipe ya tears.
it’s okay.
trust me.
they also asked him about michael sam:

“Not just him being Michael Sam the gay player, with his sexuality being at the forefront,” Rhodes said. “But accepting him as him as a man and as a player.”

Sam’s teammates may face more scrutiny, but Rhodes doesn’t expect that the locker room will need to change to accommodate the first openly gay player.

“I don’t think the locker room will change,” Rhodes said. “I think they will be more cognizant of it, it’s such a big deal right now. I think they’ll try to police it a little more but I don’t think the locker room will change. Every locker room has a different dynamic.”

 well to be honest,
i’m on different “rhodes” these days.
kerry is sexy.
nothing can ever take that away.
he got himself a snow bunny now and has always denied the allegations.
also lets politic for a minute.
do you REALLY want to deal with that messy queen that plagues him?
peanut is a liability who will put YOUR business out there.
plus you may end up having to two piece him.
i don’t know about ya’ll,
but that has kinda turned me off from kerry.
so lets pour a lil’ likka out for the “kerry rhodes fantasies”:

The+African+Queen+GIF+1not gon’ happen.
there arebetter baller wolves out there anyway.

lowkey: how funny after i wrote this,
2pac’s “life goes on” started playing?

article found: espn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Kerry Rhodes Ain’t Gay! (How Much Times He Gotta Say It?)”

  1. He said he is not Gay has he ever said I’m Straight?
    For the Bi Guys here ,if you are asked “Are you Gay?”
    Do you respond?
    No Im not Gay
    No Im bisexual

    As for Kerry I’m glad he didnt seem defensive or uneasy with Michael Sam question.
    J ,@towleroad there is video of Colin K and Cam Newton talking about Michael both are very supportive.

    1. ^how crazy I just put that video up y.
      great minds think alike.
      as for your question,
      i’d wouldn’t say anything to incriminate myself.
      especially since that rabid mongrel keeps poppin up with evidence.
      kerry needs to not let his sexuality be the topic of conversation.
      further more he should have put that queen to rest LONG time ago.
      where is that snow queen who tried to allegedly out aaron rodgers?
      kerry was either being sloppy,
      or he likes that people talk about him.
      obviously his pr people maybe smoking crack.

  2. I refuse to judge or put any blame or demand on Kerry. Let him live and identify as he wishes. Society is the one that needs to admit how unfair and unjust it treats LGBQT folk. Kerry’s done nothing wrong. Just leave him alone.

  3. If Kerry says he not gay, I am going to go with it. Kerry is in a tight spot and he has to live his reality no matter what his actually sexuality might be. Many of us struggle with the gay label, no matter if we are gayer than a box of rainbow skittles. Kerry knows the world sees him as a football player, a mans man, he is from very religious conservative Alabama, and seems to be really close to his family and probably values what they think so he will probably never really officially come out if he is gay. I can feel him and his decision to remain private on whatever his orientation whether it be str8, bi or somewhere in between. I am a nobody but I would not want the world to know my sexual orientation until I was ready to deal with it and come to terms with it. I am still a fan and will still support this brother and wish him nothing but the best.

    1. That’s why I’m not judging or accusing him. People are treating him as if he has committed a crime (doing what ‘real men’ are not suppose to do) and must admit to this ‘crime’. The superior tone in which people DEMAND that he discloses his sexuality, shows how supremacist and entitled straight folk feel. Gays do/can not DEMAND that guys identify themselves as gay. We don’t have that privilege or entitlement. If you do then you are supporting your own oppression.

      If you come out the closet like Jason Collins did, they will shun you for ‘shoving it in their faces’, but if you stay in the closet, they will accuse and shun you with all type of homophobic myths, such as spreading HIV to women. Straight folk don’t respect how LGBTQ people feel, they just want enforce their rules and authority upon those that do not meet their sexual norms.

      Kerry’s sexuality isn’t the real issue here. He said he’s straight and that’s that. The issue is why, to their discomfort, do some LGBQT folk hide who they want to be in public or to themselves? Because of society and its attitude. Attitudes of what a ‘football player’ is, what a ‘mans man’ should be, what lifestyle a ‘religious conservative’ person should follow. What our family and friends expect from us. It’s easy to blame closeted folk for being ‘weak’ and ‘scared, but society are the real cowards. When are we going to accept and treat LGBQT on an equal platform? The first step to this is stop trying to ‘out’, accuse, question, label and demand from them. It’s an attack on their humanity and freedom. They don’t do that to you, so respect their feelings and identity.

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