jonathan gilberto: d2b?

*the following entry is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i like them when they’re shy and silent.
i love when they don’t do too much talking.
jonathan gilberto is that type to me.
he’s the short thick daddy wolf i’ve covered before.
( x see entry here )
i think he has the perfect facial:

and thick bawdy:


well a few foxholers brought something to my attention.
jonathan might just be packin too…

i was blown up when he first put ^that boomerang up.
i thought it may have a sock or something.
you know folks on ig love to play games with their privates.
it wasn’t until a foxholer brought this to my attention:

these are the un-edited shots from:


…and if you look real close at some of the pics and videos on the twitter,
you’ll see some of the alleged accessories here:

i’ll let you be the judge.

this song sounds fitting for this entry…

i don’t “do” big dicks,
but you can tell jonathan i said hello if you do!

lowkey: if jonathan an escort?
sugar baby?
he is always in paris or some exotic location.
def screams “i don’t work 9 to 5 like the other peasants”.

if that pipe is his,
i can see that is bringing him the finer things in life.

tell him the foxhole sent you: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “jonathan gilberto: d2b?”

  1. He been packing. I know a friend who he was supposed to fuck. They traded nudes to each other. My friend told me about it lol

    But yes he is very attractive. He should smile more. He has a nice smile

  2. he’s actually not short (5’10- 5’11 ish), might be a wolf hybrid.
    i see his profile on grindr from time to time without his face but if you are familiar with his IG, you would know

  3. Oh, I remember him… Mr. Emotionally Blocked. He’s a beautiful nutcase. He seems like the type to have requirements to even get a hello from him. His social media is “lit”. Full of selfies, body pics, thirst traps, and fun times with “friends”, but those be the types we often hear committed suicide because in reality everything was for show and they really hated their shitty lives.

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