Is It Me Or Is This Kim Kardashian Buck Naked In This Picture?

I know what you are thinking…
But this Vixen looks a lot like her from the back…

(I’m sure what a lot of Baller Wolves say when her name is mentioned )…

Would not be surprised if Kanye was playing text games with Jay Z:

“Guess What Hole In The Wall I Was Inside Last Night!”

Kim found the phone and sent it straight to her Pap-a-Jack hotline.
You know these things “accidentally” happen in her world.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Is It Me Or Is This Kim Kardashian Buck Naked In This Picture?”

  1. Is her waste that small though? Contrary to popular belief, you can find plenty of exotic girls that look like Kim (minus the plastic surgery improvements).

  2. Well once a hoe. Always one. Sidebar she sexy tho and if I wasnt afraid of getting an std hey I might hit.

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