Is This Who Has Been Getting Ray J’s Cakes?

You know Ray-J got that dump truck,
but Danger said Young Buck was beating that out the frame.
Not this Young Buck:

But this one…

His best friend, Young Buck.
I heard some things about Ray… but who knows these days.


Didn’t he tell Fabulous during that beef that he knows some niggas that would rape him?

Yeah, I’m guessing so.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Is This Who Has Been Getting Ray J’s Cakes?”

  1. LMAO…@dump truck. What the hell was he doing in that gif at the top? This is one of the reasons why I say when niggas sag they know what they are doing. Ray J was clearly showing off his ass. Everybody knows about Ray J, and if they don’t know by now, they’re stupid. I aint gonna lie, I do want his cakes tho. That ass looks nice.

  2. Okay, like Man said, what the heck is he doing? That can’t be anything but showing off his azz; as if Lil Brandy wasn’t suspect enough…and that dude doesn’t even look good – maybe he has that good pipe or a banging body under those clothes…*shrug*

  3. lol danger made it funny but what else is new. ole dude must have a 10 inch penis cause……. um im not sayin he looks the foo but he looks the foo

  4. Yesssss he definitely has nice cakes. His mama spilled the tea (wasn’t much to spill) when she said he was smashing the homies on Brandy and Ray Js reality show.

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