I’m Working On My Masterpiece

jessie-j-sweet-talker-album-coveryou guys do me so well.
so i got a message today about a song from jessie j.
its called “masterpiece” on her album,
“sweet talk”.
my reader said as he was listening to the song,
he thought of me.
isn’t that sweet?
well i went to take a listen and share it with the foxhole in the struggle…

So much pressure
Why so loud?
If you don’t like my sound
You can turn it down

I got a road
And I walk it alone

Uphill battle
I look good when I climb
I’m ferocious, precocious
I get braggadocios

I’m not gonna stop
I like the view from the top

You talk that blah blah, that la-la, that rah-rah shit
And I’m so done, I’m so over it
Sometimes I mess up, I f-up up, I hit and miss
But I’m okay, I’m cool with it

I still fall on my face sometimes
And I can’t color inside the lines
‘Cause I’m perfectly incomplete
I’m still working on my masterpiece
And I, I wanna hang with the greats
Got a way to go, but it’s worth the wait
No, you haven’t seen the best of me
I’m still working on my masterpiece

Those who mind don’t matter
Those who matter, don’t mind
If you don’t catch what I’m throwing
Then I leave you behind

Gone in a flash
And I ain’t living like that

They talk that blah blah, that la-la that rah-rah shit
Go with the punches, and take the hits
Sometimes I mess up, I f-up up, I swing and miss
But it’s okay, I’m cool with it

well those lyrics are complete and 100%: facts.

giphyi am in complete agreement.
i liked the song so much i went and bought it on itunes.

its the type of song i’ll listen to on repeat when i’m feelin’ down.
thank you for thinking of me and putting me on to a great song!
<3 ya!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “I’m Working On My Masterpiece”

  1. She has a few songs on there in addition to Masterpiece, that I have on heavy rotation, i.e. Sweet Talker, Personal, Seal Me With a Kiss, to name a few.

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