i’m not even there and i ruined lunch

ya know,
i been dealing with a lot.
i’ve been quiet af tho.
it’s been moisturizing my skin,
drinking my water,
and trying to keep my spiritual crops watered.
it’s been legit minding my entire business out here.
i don’t have any hate or ill will towards anyone these days,
even those who hurt my feelings.
it’s been “no beef, but stay tf away from me” type of vibe.
my ex-situation tho…

so someone i worked with called me from my last job.
they were calling to check in on me,
but they wanted to tell me how my ex-bosses found out about my going away.
first of all,
someone went running their mouth to them for whatever reason.
i was told they heard about the money that was given to me.

“Why would they do that for him?”

they were upset about the amount of money that was raised.

Why is that any of their business?

i don’t work there anymore.
it’s because of them that i don’t.
they were spiteful and threw me out on my ass with no fucks to give.
not only that,
my ex-boss sat on my time sheet and didn’t allow me to get my last check.
she was always prompt about approving it,
but last week,
it magically went un-noticed?
it left me super in-between blessings and having to wait for this week to get paid.

it seems all very petty and evil.
why would you be questioning why folks did a good thing for someone else?
i guess they thought i’d be in an alley with a needle in my arm.
naw homies!
we’re preparing for a major comeback in these swamps.
they are determined to continue being the villains.

you would think i did something awful that warranted that kind of behavior.
i see it was personal rather than my work ethic.
that work ethic and “me” is very much missed by everyone i worked with,
i’m learning to forgive tho.
because the head vp was talking to me about forgiveness the week before christmas.
i gotta wonder if this was them setting up the play for my distasteful exit.
it’s all good tho.
they will have to deal with the wrath of higher forces.
it’s never a good thing for the hyenas and jackals when i’m done wrong.

low-key: alexa,
play mariah’s “i wish you well“.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “i’m not even there and i ruined lunch”

  1. Jamari, there are a lot of petty, small-minded, unethical people out there. It sounds like your bosses are in this category. They cannot understand why some people would do things for other people out of decency, kindness, love, altruism. All they can think of is people=transactions. Then there are the outright sociopaths. Like the MF in the White House, who actively try to harm people and take spite to a global level. You definitely deserve your last check, and after that try to put those horrible MFs out of your mind if you can. Whatever, try not to let their ignorance, lack of ethics and hatefulness get you down. Hold onto your light.

    1. ^thank you love.
      you are absolutely right.
      thank you for your positive and kind words.
      it has been a tough week for me,
      but once i her this last check,
      my ties to them are over.

  2. Sounds like they aren’t the kind of person that people do nice things for and so they must think you were up to something. If you really can’t fathom why a person’s coworkers would chip in and help them out after they were suddenly fired that says A LOT about you as a person.

  3. Pity them. They sound triggered because NOBODY would do it for their evil selves. Keep living in their minds!

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