i’m a little confused with mr. bolden side of the story in regards to #jaynitesmashedme

you know what’s weird?
i was telling one of my foxholers i already saw the video with mr. bolden and jaynite years ago.
this has to be around the time tumblr was poppin’.
one of the foxholers hit me with:

“Did you see the video of Mr. Bolden bottoming for Jaynite?
Jay turns out all the tops…”

…or something to that effect.
i saw the video and i thought it was pretty boring tbh.
you could tell mr. bolden really wasn’t into it.
the energy wasn’t sexy.
they even showed me what jaynite really looked like.
listen the foxhole be like the f-bi,
ya heard.
there was some drama with the video resurfacing a few days ago.
mr. bolden defended himself,
but i have an issue with his statement…


so this weird stalker person at a sex party followed you to your car,
you gave your phone number,

he blew up your phone being extra,
lied on someone,
showed he had the capability of being triflin af,
continued to act weird af,
you still let him top you?
 jaynite is allegedly out here telling everyone he smashed and showing the video for money.

mr. bolden’s discernment seems to be off.
what if that wasn’t jaynite but the zodiac killer?
if someone is acting weird,
why would you even let them into your space?
bad enough,
do something with you that you consider personal and only for relationships?
something is off with this story.
this is getting a full “britney” gif.

i don’t care how cute you are or how good your bawdy is:

The moment you start acting sus,
that’s the moment it’s cut tf off.

let’s hope mr. bolden isn’t as trusting as he was before.
i’m gonna blame this on being young or a lapse of judgment in pure horniness.

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25 thoughts on “i’m a little confused with mr. bolden side of the story in regards to #jaynitesmashedme”

  1. the sex where bolden is a bottom is underwelming and I am being kind…bolden is not really enjoying it and you can telll

  2. So someone made a comment about Mr. Bolden bottoming and he decided to claim he the person never saw him bottom in person or on tape, and then the tape resurfaces? Yikes! Here’s a lesson kid: you don’t have to fight every battle that comes your way. Mr. Bolden could have ignored the comment and kept it moving.

  3. Jay did leak the video I got a message from him a few weeks ago talking about it glad I didn’t buy cause it look wack

  4. In the late 80s/90s we always had a rule if a guy gobbles a dick he def gonna take some dick–now apply that to y’all new faves that are a part of the “OralTop” society. 👀🙈 I know you see it!!

  5. Bolden is one very handsome dude. That video was hot. The way he was moaning especially when he nutted was sexy af.

    For all those that wanna see it. Just type in “jaynite video” on Twitter.

    1. Just google Jamar Cargo (it flew over a lot of ppls heads that Bolden put THAT out instead of the tape he claims he has of him topping jay).

      1. I caught that too. Putting out his government name is at least equally as messy as Bolden being “outed” as verse considering JayNite is always masked in his vids.

  6. Two quotes come to mind:

    Never complain; never explain.
    One man’s top is another man’s bottom.

  7. The thing is no couple can both be tops someone giving up some ass as suspected lmao … bolden just upset his image is blown how u record wit a known pornstar and think it won’t get discussed ? Just like the boys crying saying they link wit yarddie and he don’t post the video or share it. So record on ur own phone. u can’t legally make him share a sex tape wit u.. these hoes are so stupid

  8. Jay was wrong for sharing it, bottom line, no gray areas. Mr Bolden is just embarrassed because it goes against his ‘image’, which is the real problem.
    Like I said in the last post, gay men are hell bent on trying to mimic heteros. Hell, these ‘content creators’ make straight porn without the titties. Tops eating ass, but not suckin dick, since the limp dick, never nutting bottoms are now apparently women…
    Let’s not even bring up the dudes who get mad/disappointed when they see their fav ‘on screen top’, bottoming… Dudes stay crying ‘it’s hard to find tops/everybody’s a bottom’, while they have ‘out of service’ signs on their own damn penises!
    These labels and their associations are why Mr Bolden felt the need to address something that needed no address. If yall would stop trying to mimic heteronormativity w 2 grown ass men, there wouldn’t be a big ‘shame’ banner on more masculine (leaning/presenting…most of these content creators are much ‘softer’ when not filming) men, when they act like gay men and show interest in dick!

  9. The video it’s quite hot,the way Mr bolden called him baby and came!! He definitely enjoyed that D jaynite is something else that Gemini D been turning tops out left and right

  10. I swear I rarely know who these people are. Can’t even find anybody to follow on my freak twitter and all the gayblack hashtags are interracial. Where do you find these guys?

  11. CAUSE EVERYONE IS A BOTTOM! The big muscle boys just need someone that matches their testosterone level and they throwing their legs up and get fucked down !

  12. First Kash exposed Yardie now Jaynite gets exposed. I tell you when you run out if people to fuck you have to get creative with something. All of them have fucked the same people and got videos posted for sale. Who said Jaynite was a top tho? Just because they fuck as a top on camera don’t mean they are a top for real for real.

    1. “Just because they fuck as a top on camera don’t mean they are a top for real for real”………………………

      THAT PART!!!! ( I like the way you think)

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