rest in power ta’leon goffney

stories like these trigger me,
especially when you see the journey of someone dying with cancer.
i watched my parents and many of my family members die of various cancer.
they go from looking really healthy to becoming skin and bones in a matter of seconds.
i was sent many pictures of kyle goffeny‘s twin,
ta’leon goffney,
as he battled having colon cancer.
seeing his pictures broke me.
his brother lost his battle a few days ago…

i cried when i saw the pictures when he was alive.
kyle did all that he could to raise money to help his twin.
( x see the gofundme here )

let us send our prayers to the goffney family,
especially ta’leon’s son.

let us lift them up in prayer and send tremendous healing energy in their direction.
may ta’leon rest in power.

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “rest in power ta’leon goffney”

  1. I hate Cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    My prayers to his loved ones.

    I pray that we beat this and other fatal diseases. ( Sad)

      1. Cancer could have taken my mother last year but she fought hard and beat it back. Today she’s a survivor. Praise. God. The psychology effect that disease inflicts is traumatic. My thoughts and prayers are with both brothers

  2. Awwww, I’m glad they made peace with each other before his passing. Such a sad story. Praying for Kyle strength and his family. Just hope nobody try to smear Taleon name with his past in this time. Some people just can’t let people move on.

  3. FUCK Cancer
    Prayers and condolences to his loved ones especially his twin.I’ve read about twinless twins and that unique experience of grieving for the person you shared the womb with πŸ’”.
    Rest in Peace

  4. Those medical bills are insane. It’s disgusting that people can’t afford to be sick in such a wealthy country.

  5. This disease is nothing to play with. This always makes me think about the consumer goods that we buy and consume on a daily from plastic containers we heat in the microwave made from petroleum and some of those toiletries we use on our body have toxic chemicals. For real tho, we could be doing unknown harm to ourselves.

    1. electromagnetic fields cause cancer so each time u turn on ur wifi and cell phones, ur asking for a cancer diagnosis. #facts

  6. Such a sad story. RIP Taleon (Teyon) Goffney. I’m glad they reconciled and were with each other when Taleon passed, and my heart goes out to the entire family.

  7. So saddened by this. I’ve been following them since way back. My heart aches. Kyle and the family is in my heart and prayers.

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