kellen winslow jr has a few years to sit and think about what he did

ex baller hyena,
kellen winslow jr,
is about to be outta here for a long time.

i don’t think this is the comeback he had in mind.
i think he has always been a little nuts tho.
the red flags were pretty obvious back then:

…but they either chose to look past it or kept it under wraps because of how good he could ball.

sidebar: one of my ex vixen friends said she fucked him when he was in college.
she said the dick was really good.
“crazy dick/pussy” is always good tbh.

he has been found guilty of all his sexual deviance and this is how long he’ll be in jail for

Former NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr. agreed to a new plea deal on Friday that keeps him behind bars for 14 years for raping two women, assaulting another and committing misdemeanor sex crimes against two others, according to an agreement submitted Friday in San Diego Superior Court, per USA TODAY. 

Winslow, 37, appeared remotely before Judge Blaine Bowman of the San Diego Superior Court to accept his new plea deal that replaces his prior one from Nov. 2019. 

why does he look like he is in al-qaeda?
why are his feets so big?
i feel like 14 years is too little for all he did and i bet he’ll be out on good behavior.
i wonder what his (ex?)wife and kids are gonna do for money?
i know this has ruined the lifestyle she was accustomed to living.
what a way to fuck up your legacy.

i feel like a lot of nfl baller wolves suffer from extreme mental illnesses.
those knocks upside the head don’t help their situations.
as sexy as most of them are,
many of them are not all the way there upstairs.
i feel like other sports don’t have as many issues like the ones in the nfl.
is there a documentary about this?
there should be.

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5 thoughts on “kellen winslow jr has a few years to sit and think about what he did

  1. Jail doesn’t give you ur actual shoe size. You get either larger or u have to trade something for shoes that fit. The NFL is not going to acknowledge that he got hits from playing in the NFL. They are going to say he had those issues in college. That video proves it but yet the NFL still hired him to play for a team.

  2. The NFL is under a lot of pressure on how they treat players with head injuries. They cut them loose and blame everything on them. Now they have made strict policies regarding hits to the head but that doesn’t stop the players from doing it. Patrick Mahomes was getting slammed in the Superbowl. Tampa had a few head shots they gave the chiefs

  3. It’s that getting knocked in the head! Just like boxing. There are countless documentaries about this, but football much like boxing nets too much money.

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