I’ll Give You My Lung and Middle Toe In Exchange For It

tumblr_m0basjq74h1r2gk0po1_500the official welcome.
spring will be right around the corner.
my absolute favorite season!
so im still kinda sick.
like 75% better.
last night i came home,
took some nyquil,
and crashed mid sentence on the phone with my friend….

“so how is the job going so far?”
“its going….”

next thing you know it was 4am,
i was hanging off the couch,
lights all on,
and my phone was somewhere on the floor.
i had the urge  to write something,
but i ended up falling back asleep.
i wonder what?
i did have a lot on my mind.
good things about growth.
i’ll figure it out.
anyway i got my first check.
not bad-ish.
i can survive off it if this is what i made for one week.
too bad it all had to go to the rental office today.
not even all the rent was had.
my landlord was having a moment.
well i don’t know what to tell him.
unless he wants me to click my heels,
summon my fairy godmother,
and turn the 5 dollars i have in there into the rest,
he will have to wait.
i did take 50 dollars out of it so i could survive for the next 2 weeks tho.

aside from that,
it is an absolutely beautiful day in harlem.
we had a rough two weeks of bitter cold here in new yawk.
everyone is outside enjoying the nice 50 degree weather.
new yawkers get a taste of sunshine and the shorts are already out.
the wolves out and about in sweat pants,
sagging a little,
showing off the bodies they sculpted all winter.

tumblr_mm43fnxojl1rlb6iho1_r1_400i nearly exploded.
i eye fucked a few,
but nothing of interest bit back.
this one spanish queen did “mmm papi” me.
“no bueno”.
after i got a hair cut,
i went to see about mucinex.
i know some of my readers suggested it.


someone could have warned me!
i have a lil chest congestion,
and a dry cough.
i went with some knock off brand.
10 beans.
that’s i can afford right now.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “I’ll Give You My Lung and Middle Toe In Exchange For It”

  1. I can’t wait for Spring either.

    Get well soon.I’m still dealing with my damn nose though.I fucking hate it.Every fucking second it runs.I can’t get a damn break because when I do they close up so I can’t breathe.

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