Hard Times Calls For Drastic Measures (Strip!)

tumblr_mzicmaAXkp1r86gcro1_250 tumblr_mzicmaAXkp1r86gcro4_250instagram,
tumblr reblogs,
and attention heauxin’ don’t always pay the bills.
so what does a straight wolf do when he can’t afford to live?
sell that wonderful body he worked so hard to create.
the new web series from sundance film maker,
tahir jetter,
called “hard times”,
it shows just that.
its the story of a wolf from brooklyn who has to become a stripper in order to survive.
check out the teaser trailer and some other goodies…

Hard Times – Teaser Trailer from Tahir Jetter on Vimeo.

Hard Times – The Website! (NSFW) from Tahir Jetter on Vimeo.

Hard Times – V-Day Teaser from Tahir Jetter on Vimeo.

tumblr_mpz1jgubiD1rome1po1_r1_400take it off!
take it off!
oh sorry.
got lost in the moment.
well i’ll check it out since it looks good.
i love the way it’s shot as well.
i’m always down to support black folk making quality entertainment.
the series premieres in april.

x check out the website for hard times

x follow the director’s social

good looks to the f-bi who updated me as well!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Hard Times Calls For Drastic Measures (Strip!)”

  1. Another Black show having to do mainly with sex related things… I’ll pass.

    Where the hell are the new Black comedy shows at?I’m sick of watching Martin and Living Single reruns.Every Black show and movie is based around untalented eye candy having sex.

    1. Let me get the snacks and watch tv with you!

      Add “A Different World”, “The Wayan Bros”, and “Good Times” to that.

  2. I like the third video with the guy’s sweet bon bon. But I like supporting Black and Latino(AfroLatino) films as well.

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