Hard Times Calls For Drastic Measures (Strip!)

tumblr_mzicmaAXkp1r86gcro1_250 tumblr_mzicmaAXkp1r86gcro4_250instagram,
tumblr reblogs,
and attention heauxin’ don’t always pay the bills.
so what does a straight wolf do when he can’t afford to live?
sell that wonderful body he worked so hard to create.
the new web series from sundance film maker,
tahir jetter,
called “hard times”,
it shows just that.
its the story of a wolf from brooklyn who has to become a stripper in order to survive.
check out the teaser trailer and some other goodies…
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The Feeling of Being “Here”

I feel un-satisfied.
And because of that today, I feel like I want attention.
I guess one can say I am feeling like a brat.
I figured write out my feelings and maybe someone out there could relate…
… or I just talked to myself and, yeah.

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