I Was Back To Sleep By The Time I Heard The School Buses

SDIM2394-editso this morning,
i actually woke up at 5:58am.
no alarm clock.
shocked the shit outta me...

since i’ve been unemployed,
waking up that early was a distant memory.
soon i was going to be part of the hustle and bustle of the new york morning again.
the look of annoyed and disdained new yorkers on a monday morning.
the faint smell of my warm sausage, egg, and cheese sammich with light pepper.
peepin’ who is cute while pretending to ignore underneath my headphones.
i was ready it.
i got up,
took a shower,
ate breakfast,
watched ny1,
took my multivitamins,
threw on my clothes,
did a quick costume change,
and put on my “love me this morning” scent.
i had no start time or address,
but my vixen friend said she would provide it this morning ASAPY.
since all corporate jobs start somewhere between 9-930am,
after a while with you making up your own time,
i wanted to at least be there 930-ish.
it was 730am when i was dressed and ready.
my phone rang and it was my vixen friend from the agency:

“hey jamari and good morning!
okay so the job today isn’t gonna happen.
they sent me an email saying they won’t need you today.
i’m sorry for having to have you get up this early with nowhere to go!
keep your stuff together just in case i have anything elseā€¦”


i felt like this:

charlie-brown-osame charlie brown face when he was on the floor.
i was so vexed.
i felt embarrassed because i wrote about the job.
got all that positive energy i was going to take with me.
i’m even more heated i wasted my “good” cologne and hair cream.
i threw my bag on the floor,
curled up on the couch,
and went back to sleep in my work outfit.
the more i deal with this job hunt,
the more I’m realizing i hate it.
i hate this sudden change/no change shit.
thanks everyone,
but started from the bottom and i’m still here in this bitch.

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14 thoughts on “I Was Back To Sleep By The Time I Heard The School Buses”

  1. I know the feeling!!!! I work at Abercrombie, I guess, because they gave me a stupid call in schedule for the whole week like last time which means I am probably not going to work the whole week like last time. And whenever I do work it only for one day in that whole week.

    1. ^hoping for better days and better ways to get income soon.
      if it wasn’t for what i learned at church yesterday,
      i would have been depressed.
      i have an interview tomorrow so on to the next!

      1. Don’t worry you will soon have a good job.
        I know it tough out there because I just had a job after 2 years and the sad part is when I get my paycheck it just 28 dollars, but because of tax I really make 25 dollars.

    2. Also I know the piss off feeling when you use the good cologne, the good shaving cream and the good hair gel to find out you wasted it for NOTHING! I get the feeling when you are unprepare that when they need you and vice versa.

  2. I know that feeling of pure DISAPPOINTMENT…..i had a similar case this morning i was running like a slave this morning to make it to my history class…i get there No professor, no students…NOTHING…i’m like what’s going on!!!! then i see a classmate and he’s pissed off (and a cute snow fox at that) and he says “Hey bro i think class is canceled today which sucks because we didn’t even get an email or anything” so i was heated because that could’ve been more sleep and extra time to relax..ESPECIALLY on Monday…don’t let it get to you..Just think You’ll HAVE A BIGGER TESTIMONY at the end of the day when you do get to your purpose for thos who will later endure the same, if not worse, hardships…

    1. ^thanks malcolm and everyone.
      i feel so blah I haven’t even moved from the couch.
      i keep praying that god shut that out for something better.
      it has to be.

  3. Thing are going to change for you. I do know how it is ,because I am in the same boat. I am currently working part time the job is nothing I want, but it is something right now. I am still looking for a job I really want.

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