I Want To Learn How To Use Twitter (Frfr)

i want to start tweeting more.
i feel like,
as a creator for foxhole content,
that should be the perfect outlet for me.
thing is…

I don’t know how to tweet exactly

i mean,
i know you write what you’re thinking,
but i feel there is a science to it.
i only get on there to:

alert i posted content
live tweeting about tv shows/events
online church with td jakes

it’s like,
i’ll get on there and get tweeter’s block.
i do find something to font,
it gets no love.
i feel invisible and leave it alone.
i think one of my biggest faults is paying too much attention to others.
when i get on twitter,
i notice others get more retweets/favorites than i do.
it brings me back to when i was a cub.
being picked last or not even at all.
instead of fighting for my place at the table,
i sorta just gave up and sat alone in the handicap stall bathroom.

That needs to end

i met a blogger/writer recently who uses the fuck outta her twitter.
she simply just tweets.
she doesn’t get much retweets,
but she does have a blue check on her name.
she has written for various publications and expanded “beyond”.
that is my goal for 2018.
i feel something awakening in me that i never felt before
so i’ll start using twitter as a place where i can release.
i’ll tweet like no one is reading.
i’ll use it as a bonus feature beyond the thoughts i put on here.
my foxy senses has been urging me to get more into it.
it couldn’t be more loud.

I’ll listen.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “I Want To Learn How To Use Twitter (Frfr)”

  1. You will be fine, just make it a routine to tweet a few times daily. Also, reach out to some different people on twitter that are successful to see what they have done in order to create a great following and make a name for themselves AND reach out to some that have been on twitter for a while that do not have a huge following and look at what methods have failed for them, so you will be able to avoid those pitfalls and make it easier for you. Since you are in New York, you have a network that you can reach out to for knowledge. Also, there are different books or articles that you can look up and use as a tool to make the Insidejamarifox brand become more aware to the public and make your digital footprint larger. I forgot to add that I am sure there are different bloggers that have seminars and meet and greets that are more than willing to share their knowledge, plus you will be gaining new business contacts. I hope this helps you and you have much success and continue to flourish in your endeavors. You already have many skills that many people do not possess.

    1. ^thank you rondo!
      i just screen shot these suggestions.
      i’m excited,
      rather than fearful.
      this injury really woke me up.
      i’m glad because this was the wake up call i needed.

  2. Get to it J! I’m not a twitter user myself primarily because it’s just to much to keep up with (facebook, instagram etc..) But with constant use I think you’ll be fine.

  3. This is why I love you You Stand Out from the PACK !! You are humble , intelligent and honest . I can always relate to your intuitive spirit and outlook on life. Just take one step at a time and you cant help but be a star.. Give it time . You are ahead of the pack and they will catch up to you

    1. ^thank you mc!
      very encouraging words and so much love for you as well.
      thank you for being there and allowing me to release!

      happy holidays and a blessed 2018 to you!

  4. Ha, I JUST signed up for Twitter a coupla weeks or so ago only b/c I listen to Karen Hunter on SiriusXM’s ‘Urban View’ (#karenrebels)…I still don’t quite know what I’m doing our if I’m doing it right…

  5. think of twitter as bite sized commentary. if you have something to say, but dont wanna make a whole blog post about it, twitter is there.

    1. ^i love the way you think xd !!!!!

      i love your idea on how to use it.
      it makes sense and i felt it in my gut.
      thank you for the suggestion.
      ill definitely use it in that way.

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