I Think I’d Let J. Cole Do Me


J. Cole.
You do things to me.
You know, things that make me hot.
I don’t know if it is your height, like so:

songs like this:


But something about you makes me want to climb you like a tree.
Somehow, I think you are packing some major heat and could probably do a body some serious harm.
Yeah so, I think I need you to come pay me a visit in the Foxhole.
Just so I can do all the nasty things I imagined doing to you in my bed.
Then… I thank you for the sex and send you on your way.



BTW: Love your album!


13 thoughts on “I Think I’d Let J. Cole Do Me

  1. I told you the last time you did a post on him he could get it.

    I’ve seen him in person and there isn’t anything particularly striking about him, except he has nice cakes for a tall, slim dude.

    His voice and his songs, along with his swagger make him attractive to me.

  2. #whoisjamarifox :
    Are you tellin me he is basic???
    I figured he would look a lot better in person…

    Very normal! Not that dat’s a bad thing, but just saying. Fame and success adds an allure that had the person been a regular Joe, wouldn’t be there.

  3. That song “Work Out” makes me horny every time I head it. Especially when he go “HIgh, and go low!”

  4. You’re by yourself on this one Jamari. Seen him in person. If it wasn’t for the fame, wouldn’t notice from the next person on the street.

    1. I’m going to take your word for it, I was hoping that he would look better in person, oh well.

  5. No Jamari, I can’t let you have him until I get my chance to hit. After I do get a chance to hit, I’ll send him to you, but only if you promise to send him back. S/N his height is one many things that attracts me to him too, I like choppin down human trees with my dick 😉

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