I Nearly Killed Myself By Accident This Morning


404-not-found-errorya know, its  funny...
it takes a near death experience to wake you up.
ironically that’s why i was up at 430 this morning
yesterday i had a stressful day.
after that phone call from the scam artist,
i was completely over it and was low key depressed about everything.
i called my straight home wolf to vent.
he was also going through something as well and just wanted to chill.
when i got home,
for some reason it was freezing in my crib.
so what i did?
i went straight hood style and heated the house with the oven.
i was always told to put a pot of hot water in there when doing it.
i also ended up doing something i never did before as well.
adding a pot of water on the stove and letting it boil.
jamari’s nuts roasting on an open fire right?
i ended up taking a benadryl and watching  a movie on the couch.

i awoke to this loud beeping noise.
screeching more like it.
jumping up,
i instantly thought it was the fire alarm.
nah it was a different alarm this time.
it was the carbon monoxide detector.
it was the same beeps from when the batteries were dying last week.
a foreshadow because i nearly didn’t replace the batteries.
well this time the beeps were longer than that.
when i put two and two together,
i realized my crib had filled up with toxic fumes.
the mixture between the oven and the stove created a recipe for disaster.

ya’ll i could have died in here.
the motive would not have been an accident.
it would have probably looked like a suicide.

“yeah he probably killed himself over not having a job.
he has had a pretty rough two years.”

“he has been depressed for a while so that must have been the easy way out.”
“i just saw him yesterday and he was pretty upset,
but i thought he was good.”

i ended up calling the fire department.
they told me to open up a window and turn my fan.
everything should be fine in an hour.
well it’s still on.
not for nothing i’m terrified to even go back to sleep.
all i keep thinking is the “what ifs” and the “how it would have beens”.
what if i would have died on the strength of an accident today?
how would it have been for everyone around me?
what i thought was a quick fix for being cold would have lead to my cold body in the ground.

i guess i didn’t realize how blessed i am until now.

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13 thoughts on “I Nearly Killed Myself By Accident This Morning”

  1. Everything happens for a reason so now you know that you still have purpose here. Glad you are okay. Now get to work.

  2. Aw damn bro so glad you are ok and had that CM alarm in your crib. I used to live in a old house years ago and I was told to put some in, I did and had forgot about them, well one night the furnace in my place fell in due to a rotted floor board unbeknownst to me, when I heard the alarm go off, I thought it was a fire alarm as well and could not figure out where the beep was coming from as I had forgot about even putting these CM alarms in. I finally figured it out and turned off the furnace and the beeping stop, I was just as you, shook to my core thinking that if I went to sleep without that alarm I wouldnt be here today either. Let me tell you that was a cold winter as I couldnt afford to get that furnace fix but thank God the alarm never went off again, actually I think I would have been scared to turn it back on after that scare.

  3. Wow! I’m glad you are safe and well! You need to be more careful.

    P.S. Why you just didn’t turn on the heater?

  4. This is actually REALLY funny to me. Lol! We would really be sitting here thinking you jumped off the bridge, when in reality you SLIPPED (Don’t feel bad, I’m the KING of dumb). Get it together J, be careful!

    There’s a lesson in this somewhere…..

  5. Glad that you are okay Jamari. Carbon Monoxide has poisoning has always been a big fear of mines because I hear that while with a normal fire you can smell the fumes, with Carbon Monoxide you can’t smell them so you could be sleep while the fumes are in the house and end up inhaling them.

  6. well i know one thing…
    my cousin has me paranoid in here.
    i didnt sleep because he said it could have been a gas leak or the pilot was generating more gas.
    i don’t know what to do or think now.

  7. just goes to show you how blessed we are…I’m SOOO glad that you’re safe and sound…may GOD keep you covered at all times and also thanks for showing the importance of having a carbon monoxide detector in the home..and this is something that could have happened to anyone especially in regards to you heating the house.this just sold me on the idea….have a blessed day and be more careful….

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