I Liked-ed-ed Him (Add Another Tail of Falling In Crush)


37ec2ed6da96d41bbefbe0f61f496ae4okay fine.
i think i’ll talk about it.
i’ll finally express how i feel about this mofo.
you don’t have to beat it out of me.

ive been looking at this one on the low for a while.
hell since i got there.
i liked-ed-ed him.
well i don’t even know him to liked-ed-ed him.
why do i feel like my love stories always start off with:

“there was a wolf.
we locked eyes a few times.
i liked-ed-ed him…”

i wish it was different.
alas that is the issue with many of “us” face.
falling in crush for someone we don’t know.
we may have a hunch,
a clue,
maybe even a trail,
but we don’t have any solid evidence.
it sucks a thousand monkey balls,
but what can you do?

anyway he works at my job.
not in my section.
i see him every day and he is known as “the fine wolf”.
well i call him that in my head.
since i am the leader of the f-bi,
a good fox had to sniff out who he was.
and i did.
don’t ask.
i went through the company database and saw he was actually a big deal.
“advertising manager” = makes some good bread.
a baller wolf in his own right.
you know i like those.
i even went further to look for facebooks and instagrams.
his linkedin did reveal good careers and some good degrees.
peaked my interest.
thing 2 thinks he is gay.

“he is really fine,
but i don’t think he is interested in my kind.”

you know i like to dig.
so i asked:

“what do you mean?”

in which she replied:

“i can just tell.
i saw him outside the office and he is very…
he isn’t feminine or some queen.
he is just…

well i could kinda tell his “politeness” too.
i either pegged him for a low key homo or a very “oreo” black wolf.
def not hood.
def not complete whitewashed.
def not fully straight.
def not fully funny.
whenever i see him,
he is with some snow bunny or the snow wolves he works with.
playing the corporate america game with the whites?
i did see him outside with some black vixen before.
she was cute.
all up in his face tho.
didn’t know what that was about.
i put it in my mental rolodex for future reference.

a0889a32jw1e7d0m1qn13g20dw05k470a good majority of the time,
he is alone.
he brings his lunch back to his office and eats there.
he seems private tho.
reminds me of me.
today i saw him and he damn near drove me insane.
he had on a very tight sweater “thing”.
every inch of his torso was the main attraction.
i didn’t even know what to lowkey leer at.
the muscles in his back.
the outline of his pecs.
the biceps.
oh god his biceps.
then can we talk about his ass?
that is what always attracts me when i see him.
he has that muscular fat ass.
the good type of wolf ass.
it’s round and sits up nice in his dress pants.
he can’t hide it.
when he walks,
each butt cheek does that slight shake when it goes up and down.

i have a hunch he is.
every time we see each other,
we visually connect and have a moment.
not a big one,
but i’m definitely on his radar.
you know when someone is looking out the corner of your eye.
you can feel them looking,
but when you move to turn,
they look in another directon.
i don’t know if we will ever speak.
he doesn’t seem all that “willing” to converse.
well thats a lie.
i don’t really get to be in his section anyway.
i just know he is a big blip on my radar.
i may just be a small one or none of his.
maybe a huge one.
i dunno.
he is still “straight until proven otherwise”.

Isn’t it always like that with the ones we fall in crush with?

le sigh.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “I Liked-ed-ed Him (Add Another Tail of Falling In Crush)”

  1. Ooooh Jamari! This is what I’m talking about. We are kindred spirits. I have the same dilemma with the same type of guy on my job. I finally got the nerve to at least say hi and since then we’ve been cordial to each other but I’ve been at this for months. This fox is patient because if he gives up to me quick…you know the rest. I want more but a fox is definitely going to be careful because this guy here is wanted by wolves, foxes and bunnie all around. The forest should beware because if I ever get him in my den….DONE!!!!

    1. ^shit maybe.
      i will say he is finer than dominican wolf and the rest.
      i was confused by all the snow bunnies who he chases after.
      it kinda looks obvious.

  2. He may be interested in you but doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure and so mess up his chances of climbing the corporate ladder. Don’t hold your breath on making headway with you. For him, it’s probably not “good for business”.

      1. Just because he might date snow bunnies and maybe foxes, he could still like chocolate. Just approach him in a professional way and try to grow a friendship with him because that the only way you can know he’s gay. And even if he isn’t, so what because he can probably help you take a next step in your career if you try to be friends with him.

  3. SOOOOO I don’t wanna be the paranoid one BUT this could be a set up…no offense but if THING 2 wants to be dropping hints it could be a set up….iono….hmmmmm

      1. Mmmmm, from a girls stand point…Dont trust these bitches…evil, manipulative, and shady…especially black girls…(yes I am black)…dont know the lengths a girl may go especially if she’s gunning for you to either be fired or make you quit on your own..thats why the majority of my friends are men

        1. ^hell don’t even sleep.
          straight men are the new bitches.
          90% of gay men?
          forget about it!
          they are times 1000 turnt up on shady.
          i am pretty low key at work tho.
          i talk to a few and keep the rest at bay.

  4. But other than my warning its probably nothing, just keep locking eyes n wait for him to make the move…

  5. I feel you dude. I feel you. I have a thing for this rentacop at my school. He hispanic and rude as hell. every time he come to tell me something (I’m in the library till they close) i get giggly and shit. Like WTF stop cheesing like a little girl. I feel like he might have like 10 kids and be a major homophobe, but DAMN I want him.
    le sigh.

  6. Get u a rubber band and wear it on your wrist. Everytime u have a impure thought about him pop it, helps me a lot. And if he gives u the green light take him in the bathroom in the handicap stall

  7. J, whenever I’m curious about a guy i like I would try to engage some convo. I would recommend something related to his department and maybe for instance, ask about multicultural advertising or european advertising that alway push the envelope. Or you may want to start slow by greeting him and pick up from there.

  8. Sigh having a new crush is always fun in the beginning , I hope he is gay and A WOLF u deserve a good man.

  9. This is our frustration but I’m glad I’m not the only one using the company resources to find info then hopping on Facebok which is how I found more on my office crush. Them tight sweaters and high booty are him too. Ugh. I found out he graduated from my alma mater’s rival university and we are from the same town (4 hours away) so I bring my university themed water bottle into the break room often hoping he’ll spark a conversation. I can say anything because he will know I’ve been spying on him. Its sad that’s he is the only wolf eye candy in that office other than the maintenance man aka daddy all day who speaks and smiles which makes me melt Lol RAY CAN GET IT!!!

  10. Mr. Fox:

    Just my two cents: I think that It is rarely good policy to get romantically or personally involved with people at work especially if the person is of the same sex. My experience has been when a work place relationship goes south it really goes south like south pole south lol. From what I read on your accounts about the players at your job it seems to be a typical work environment with a lot of pathological people.

    I am sure this goes without saying but there is no perfect work environment. I have worked/consulted for several fortune 500 companies, entertainment companies, and small non-profit companies, and I have friends who have similar employment histories. Most of my days are filled with my friends complaining about how “their boss is out to get them”, about the “coworker who hates them” how,” management don’t know what they are doing, “and “the usual they think I am gay”.
    I hated my work environments and the craziness associated with them so much that I became self-employed, and I have never looked back, but I have a swell empathy for my friends who still do lol. Here is my unsolicited advice for you regarding your job:

    1.I think that you are on the right path of doing just doing your job and not getting involved with any of the people there.

    2.Less personal interactions at work the better, because someone who could be your best friend today could be your arch enemy the next day.

    3.I am not saying act robotic and antisocial but know how to interact with your coworkers without really interacting with them when it comes to non- work related things

    4.Remember why you are there to earn a paycheck and to plot your next step on your career path.

    5.Be careful about how much you allow your coworkers into your personal life at work. Like coming to your home. Because whatever they may learn about you outside of the job will always make it back to the job, and most of what comes back will be very distorted.

    6.Be careful about using the company computers to research your coworkers, because many companies especially high profile companies monitor their employee’s internet activities without their knowing.

    7.If you constantly visit a coworker’s social media pages, their company profile, or google them it could appear as if you are cyber stalking them. I seen many employees get jacked up for doing this at Fox Studios’ legal department.

    8.If a coworker has done you some type of wrong like the female coworker who lied on you and you survive the situation. Don’t formulate any agenda against them, because it will throw you off your game , but never give them any opportunity to throw you under the bus.

    9.Never intentionally let your job become an extension of your personal life, meaning that it is best practice not to become personally involved with your coworkers however keep the door slightly cracked for exceptions.

    This baller wolf of yours sounds very intriguing, however based on what you shared about some of the wolves who you were feeling they ended up disappointing you very quickly. So I would suggest that you stick to looking, lusting, but no touching lol, and he sounds like he has a lot of moving parts to him. New York is a big city so your soul mate is out there, often times our soul mate will show up once we quit looking for them and start looking within.

  11. You know what who cares if black wolves date snows. It might be a good thing because if he decide to date you, at least you know he not dating you because you’re black. He’s dating you because of your personality and who you are.

  12. Jamari…just keep doing what you’re doing. Slow and steady.
    Like you, I have a few kats on the job who I suspect are bi. Over time I’ve managed to strike up “friendships” with them.
    In some of the discussions we’ve had, some of them have made some questionable comments..but I pretend that I didn’t hear them. In my mind, I’m saying are they on to me or are they for real? People will try to trick you just to see if they can prove you’re gay or not.
    I play my cards close and make every effort to not give myself away. It’s hard because these kats are fine as fuck! LOL

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