i just watched the “wonder woman 1984” trailer and…

i enjoyed “wonder woman” tremendously.
in my opinion,
it was the best dc movie out of the new ones.
the sequel,
wonder woman 1984” is coming out next year.
they released the trailer today and well…

i’m ready for it.

Are you?

lowkey: i wonder how they will explain her love interest,
especially after the first one?

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “i just watched the “wonder woman 1984” trailer and…”

  1. Dude,I downloaded the trailer and been watching it over and over. Me thinks either hee love interest got brot back by the gods (which i doubt since Ares ended their asses) or he’s a shade summoned by the man in the suit from the trailer.

    P.S: that modern version of Blue Monday in the trailer is so lit 💣💥. Making me listen to Donna Summer and disco all over again.

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